Love At First Sight

When Ashley Opens the door to five wet guys asking to Use the phone And she runs out the door with the five guys following will just have to read more to find out what happens :D


2. Moving in

Ashley's P.O.V 

I woke up still in the hospital it was 2 days all ready . I looked up and saw that Zayn was still in my room asleep and i press the button for the nurse and she came in  asking Do u need anything ? I looked up and asked if i can go home today ? i really didn't mean going back home i didn't know where to go . She smiled at me and said to today . I was so happy i was so bored of being in this room . Then Zayn woke up and said Good Morning .Good Morning  I replied  

Zayn P.O.V

I woke up with Ashley Smiling , She was pretty when she smiled I told her Good Morning She told me the same . I think I was falling for her i just couldn't take my eyes off her i felt like i needed to protect her and comfort her  .I thought of a good idea Do u want to move in with all of us ? She just looked at me ,she bite her lip and then Said Umm...ok I smiled and went to go cheek her out 

Ashley's P.O.V

Zayn was just siting there staring at me then asked Do u want to move in with all of us ? I bit my lip thinking I dont have nowhere else to go and i barely knew him , i couldnt trust him but .... then i spoke umm...ok then he smiled and left me in the room . The nurse came back with some crutches and was showing me how to use them and gave me some pain medicine . 

Harry's P.OV

I wanted to see her face again her beautiful face . I walked in Ashley's room , she was with a nurse . She began to stand up almost falling i walked up to her and held her waist and led her out of the hospital but then a kind nurse came over with a wheel chair and i helped ashley in it . Zayn was done signing her out we took her to the car and helped her in we drove to are place . Zayn helped her out and showed her to her room .

Ashley's P.O.V

Zayn helped me out of the car and led me to a room the house was Beautiful I said out loud . He sat me on the bed .You can sleep on the bed and I can sleep on the floor He said . No i cant let u sleep on the floor i said . ill sleep on the floor and u can have  ur bed i said . Zayn looked at me and started to laugh alittle thats a joke right He said . No i said He went over to his closet and gave me a T-shirt and shorts I thanked him and he said your welcome and started to leave I yelled WAIT !! Zayn turned around yes he said Don't leave me here alone please can u just turn around . He gave me a little smilie and turned around i grabbed the shorts and was trying to put them on, but it was just to impossible . I couldn't believe what I was going to ask Zayn to do . I said Zayn can u help me put on these shorts? please . He turned around and said sure .

Zayn's P.O.V

Ashley asked me not to leave and just turn around i gave her a smilie and did what she asked then i herd her say can u help me put on these shorts ? please . I turned around sure not even thinking about it .Try not to look to much she said . I pulled down her pants trying to be careful. I saw her legs and then i seen scars all over  them . I then asked "What happened ? " with a concerned look on my face she just stood there in her underwear in shock . Then she said Nothing happened I knew she was hiding something I just don't know what. I continue putting on her shorts i finally finished . Then I  grabbed her shirt ,she stood back What are you doing ? she asked . Im helping you with your shirt . She said i got it . Ok .Then i turned around . Then She called my name Can you help me with my shirt ? I walked up to her and Lifted up her shirt . She had on a pink bra on  . I know what your thinking ,I Know I looked,  but I couldn't help it . 

~Authors Note~ Im stoping it there , There is know point of finishing it if u guys don't like please comment if u want me to continue. Thanks :]


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