Love At First Sight

When Ashley Opens the door to five wet guys asking to Use the phone And she runs out the door with the five guys following will just have to read more to find out what happens :D


1. Who was these boys?

Ashley's P.O.V

I Was on my computer messaging my friends ,when the door bell rang . I hopped up out of my chair to answer the door .It was 5 guys all wet asking if they can use my phone . I stood there for a few minutes and ran to get my coat . I told the five boys to follow me and hurry up . I didn't  want my dad hearing them at the door ,but it was to late he started calling my name . ASHLEY!!!! GET BACK HERE !!! He yelled ". I just kept running ,the five guys ran with me until i couldn't see my dad any more . One of them asks what was going on with a british accent . He had  really curly hair and beautiful green eyes .I just stood there almost about to cry when one of them touched my shoulder I ran as fast as i could then tripped over a rock and ......

Zayn's P.O.V

We all were waiting at the hospital because the girl hit her head really bad . We waited to get news from the doctors . A Doctor with his clip bored walked up to all of us and said that she was going to be alright and that we can go and see her now . We all walked in her room ,she was just laying there asleep when i saw her hand move .She woke up to all of us staring at her . She was so Beautiful ,she had green eyes with long black hair .The doctor came in asking her what her name was . She started to say it softly   ,her name was ashley .Louis told her that was a beautiful name .

Ashley's P.O.V

The Doctor asked What my name was i told him slowly Ashley.  I said . The doctor Said he was going to contacted my Father . My body froze .I jumped up and ran to the door . Two nurses stop me .Then they put me back in my bed . One of the boys came up to me and Asked me "what happened ?""Why are you so scared?"I did want to tell them what my Father does to me . I just ignored him . Then i Herd my fathers  voice  . I jumped up trying to get away . My father started to yell at me ,When one of the boys with black hair and brown eyes started to yelling  back .

Zayn's P.O.V

I couldn't just stand there letting this guy yell and her . I started yelling at him ,I said DONT YELL AT HER CANT U SEE SHES IN THE HOSPITAL !!! Then he clenched his fists and punched me . Then all the other boys started to fight him . Then Ashley ran out the door i started to run after ,but she just ran faster . I seen her try for the elevator ,but didn't wait for it. She ran to the stairs . I ran to catch her ,but then she tripped and fell down the stairs .I ran down the Stairs where she lay .She was not moving ,I picked her up  bridal style .I ran to a nurse .She put her on a gurney .The nurse told me to wait in the waiting room.I ran back in the room ashley was in . I seen that Man on the floor i punched him as hard as could and i told him to NEVER Come back for her again.

Niall's P.O.V

When I saw Zayn come in and punch that man on the floor I knew something was wrong .I looked at Zayn and asked Whats wrong ? Where is Ashley ? Then I realized that was a wrong question to ask. Zayn looked at me and started to yell . I DONT KNOW IF SHE IS EVEN ALIVE BECAUSE SHE FELL DOWN THE STAIRS !! He yelled I just stood there .

Ashley's P.O.V

I can feel people Touching me ,but when i tried to move i couldn't . I was scared because all I remember  is running from one of those boys i couldn't remember which one . Who were those boys ? I seen them before but i don't know where ? Then I opened my eyes,there was all five of the boys around me .I asked Where am I ? One of them with blonde hair said the Hospital . One of them with brown hair said Its going to be alright ,love . Then another one came right next to me and held my hand He had Black hair with brown eyes . Then one with curly hair Said Hi I'm Harry and then i heard another say I'm Liam,I'm Louis ,I'm Niall he said with a irish accent and the one holding my hand said that his name was Zayn . I couldn't move my neck because it was broken and i couldn't move my leg because that was also broken .

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