Lola Tomlinson Story

Louis Tomlinson always loved his sister and protected her from heart breaks And stuff but all that has change Harry styles Louis band mate


9. Why are you ignoring me

After that day it's been Weeks since I seen or talk to Louis or the boys my black and blues went away And I don't have a bloody nose anymore
Then Weeks and week past now it's Friday morning
Dylan:Bebe Im gonna Be Going
Me:Alright I see you later
Dylan:No I'm not going anywhere Im just gonna go to the store ill be back
When he left I woke up clean the house and then
I took a shower and putted on a yellow over the knee strapless dress whit flowers on the dress whit yellow vans and I fix my hair
Then I went in the kitchen my phone starts to ring
Louis:Yeah Lola What's up I tried callin you and your not picking up are you ignoring me
Me:No I'm Not I just had stuff to do
Louis:Is everything okay
Me:Yeah Everything's okay
Louis:alright wanna hang out today just me and you
Me:Umm Louis I'm kinda busy
Louis:how about to tomorrow
Louis:Next day
Louis:Next week
Louis::Week after
Me:no Louis i just don't have time I love you And I don't think you should call my phone or any of the phones again I'm sorry
Me:Just drop it Louis I love you ill see you in the future bye
I hang up on his face i could feel his heart getting turn apart
After that I got millions of calls and texts from Liam Niall Harry zayn And Eleanor
then Harry Call one more time I'm guessing its Louis
Harry:Yeah Lola Why would you break Louis heart
Me:I can't talk to you Harry I am really sorry and i didn't mean it just lose my phone number I don't wanna be bothered
Harry:Wait Lola it doesn't sound like you is everything okay
Me:everything is fine believe me
Harry:no I don't cause your not Lola the real Lola is down there
Me:Harry i cant talk to you just I gotta go by
I hung
I hear Dylan at the door
Dylan:So I hear everything
Me:um yeah I did what you said
Dylan:Well good
Dylan:who was that
Me:um Harry
Dylan:Who Harry Lola
Me:my brother friend
Dylan:yeah sure
Me:Yea it is
Dylan:you cheating on me
Me:no I would never
Dylan:your a lier
He came up to me and took me from the hair and hit my face in the glass table and then he punch me in the face slap me chock me push me around on the floor kicking me
He went out side and went in the car and left
I was crying from the pain then my phone rings it in my pocket
It says Louis I can't answer it then I got a text from Louis:Saying I'm coming over
Me:oh shit I ran to the bathroom and clean me up I stop the blood that came from my nose one of my eyes where brush so I cover it whit my hair my neck and back was bruised to

Louis P R O V
My sister doesn't sound like her she broke my heart on the phone so I.told the boys to call her they said she ignore them and Harry said that she don't wanna be bothered and I told Eleanor To call there but no answer something is up I could feel it so me and the boys and Eleanor when to her house we drove there

We made it there and then I park the car and we got out I ran the door bell 10times no answer I knock and bang on the door no answer then I could hear the door opening so we walk in and I see her

Me:Lola Why would you say that over the phone I'm your brother what did I do to you all I did was take care of you all your life now what is your problem

Lola:nothing Louis just go your only making it worse

Me:what am I making worse i only offered To hang whit you a little bonding but you ignore me Now tell me what's up

Lola:nothing Louis just go before anybody sees just go

Me:who's gonna see I can tell your hiding something


Me:we'll if you want it like that just give me one last hug and you can go on whit your life


She lend in for a Hug and now where hugging I could now her breaking down in tears
While hugging her I'm asking her

Me:Lola why are you crying you wanted it like this

Lola:I don't

Me:then why you doing this to me

Lola:cause I love him

I'm still hugging her now I'm looking on her back cause she had a dress on

Me:Lola what's all the bruises on your back
I start to get very very mad

Lola:it's nothing she pull away

Then I took the hair from her face then I seem it a big big big bruise on her eye and neck

Me:Lola who did this to you!!!!


Everybody eyes look very shocked

Me:Lola who the fuck did this to you!!!

Lola:nobody I'm not telling nobody nothing

Me:did Dylan did this to you

She stud quiet and just stood there

Me:Lola did Dylan did this to you

She just stood there looking down

She just start crying bad

Lola:Dylan Did this



Harry:Im So Sorry Lola forgive me

me:wait your not so pose to talk to anybody
Is he talking over your life

She noded

Me:why don't you leave him

Lola:cause I love him

Me:love look what he did to you

Lola:it's gonna get better i promise

Me:no it's not come on get your stuff leave whit me he just gonna leave you in the future

Lola:he's not

Me:you know what Lola just try to text me i gotta go

I walk out so did everybody else

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