Lola Tomlinson Story

Louis Tomlinson always loved his sister and protected her from heart breaks And stuff but all that has change Harry styles Louis band mate


7. What Did I Do

I got out of the car and then the boys Drove off and then I went up to the door step and unlock the door And Walk In All I See Is Dylan waiting for me

Dylan:Where You go


Dylan:Somewhere where did you go Lola

Me:Um I Went To Go Hang Out Whit My Brother Louis

Dylan:Alright that's all you had to say


Dylan:Was The Boys There

Me:Um Yes


Me:Um Ye ..Yes

Dylan:Okay that's all you have to say


I went in the kitchen and I got out pumpkin pie

Then Dylan was behind me

He pulled me from the hair and push me on the floor and slapping me and punching me

Dylan:What you cheat on me you came so fucking late

Me:We Had A Lot To Do That's All

Dylan:Oh Really If your gonna hang out whit your brother that's okay but you hang out whit other boys again I will kill you

Me:Okay Stop

Dylan:No Im Gonna Show You That Next Time You Won't Do This

He push me on the floor again
And I'm crying and screaming

Dylan:Shut the fuck up jinx your a jinx don't talk

He kick me in the face EveryTime he did that it go harder and harder then he punch me in the face
My nose start bleeding my eye on the left turn to a black and
Blue after that he stop and trow the pie in my face

Dylan:Now Clean up you slut

He shut the light and I cry my face and body hurts a lot
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