Lola Tomlinson Story

Louis Tomlinson always loved his sister and protected her from heart breaks And stuff but all that has change Harry styles Louis band mate


12. Next day

Next I woke Up Then I Jump In the shower And came out in tight jeans and a v nek shirt and Nike sneakers and some make up cover up and then foundation blush eye liner mascara lip gloss and then I Went Down stairs to Everybody I saw El eating
Me:where Lou
El:whit the boys at the recording studio
Me:oh Okay well I'm sorry for what happen crazy
El:Yeah it's okay Lou's back to normal
Me:what you mean
El:Um well after we left the house he lost it he wanted to stay in the room and cry him self to sleep
Me:No no this is not gonna happen I got to make it up to him
Me:Do you know where the studio is
El:Yeah I wright it down for you
She got a paper and pen and put the address And she gave it to me I ran up stairs to get my purse and sweater and phone and ran out side to a cab then 1hour later I made it to the studio And ran out side and ran in and all I see the boys ready to leave
Lou:Lola what you doing here
Me:Oh I was woundering what you doing
Lou:nothing ready to go home
Me:Oh okay let's go
Louis:where we going
Me:it's gonna be are day today
me:boys can i steal louis
Me:come on
I grab him by the hand and ran out side
That day we went to a carnival and then to a restaurant then to a beach then we went home all sok in wet we had a good day we walk in and we see all the boys and there gfs
We ran in got change and then came back down stairs talking and stuff but then I had weird vibs from Harry I think he likes me I don't know
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