Lola Tomlinson Story

Louis Tomlinson always loved his sister and protected her from heart breaks And stuff but all that has change Harry styles Louis band mate


6. Lets meet the boys 2

Louis:eater hang or I can drop you off home
Me:Um well see how the day goes
Louis:alright let's put some music on
He puts on music and wide awake by Katy perry was playing
Louis:you know Lola your not always wide awake in the morning
Me:yeah I know
So after minutes later we reach to the Harry's house
Louis park the car then got out and open my door then we walk to the door Louis open the door and I was behind him Louis walk in and the boys where watching Tv
Louis:Guys I brought my sister
Boys:Really she dis sided to join us now
Louis:I guess so I finally got her up
Boys:Well let's see her
I was still behind him
Louis:Come on Lola show them your here
Me:I wish I could but your in front of me standing in the door way
Louis:Uh yeah sorry
I walk in front of them and they all look amazed
Me:Um you guys gonna say something or your gonna Let your mouths hang like your gonna go on Britain got talent For Who can Stay the longest
Boys:Your right
I'm Liam I'm niall I'm zayn I'm Harry your really beautiful
Me:Um thanks
Harry:So you got a boyfriend
Me:Um Yes I Do
Harry:What's his name
His face went down and he went to the couch to sit
After all talking and laughing well half Harry was quiet just staring at me
We dis sided to go to Nando's and we ate and then we went to the book signing and I was sitting next to Louis And every body was like your so pretty can you sign the book to you and Louis look alike
And then we went to the interview and then I sat in the audience watching how they did the interview then we went to the photo shoot and then we are driving
Louis:So now you wanna go
Me:I guess you can drop me home
We drove to my house well mines and Dylan's house then we made it and he stop in front
Me:Thank you Louis for the day and i thank you boys for your company
Boys:We enjoy your to
Louis:Your welcome
Me:Okay thanks a lot I gotta go bye
I closed the door of the car and walk In the house
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