Lola Tomlinson Story

Louis Tomlinson always loved his sister and protected her from heart breaks And stuff but all that has change Harry styles Louis band mate


10. How could u do this

Me:Louis Wait Please
Louis:What Is It Leave Him
Me:But I love him
Louis:No it's not love I'm sorry u might think it is but once u know what love is u know that your not in love whit Dylan your terrified
Me:Im Not
Louis:What ever I gotta Bye
Louis:No Buts Just Bye
I closed the door and start crying my eyes out Dylan found out I really don't know how he came rushing in the door beating me Up
The days Past then Dylan Wasn't Coming home on time
then I got though of him cheating then then Louis Came up to my mind he dont love u it's not love Days and days past
Then it happen This day I wish I won't replay it in my mind again
I was in the laundry room doing the laundry and then I hear the door open I hear Dylan sounded drunk and I hear a girl laughing she sounded drunk to
I went to the door cause I have to get to the bottom of this who is laughing so loud
I walk to the door and I saw Dylan Kissing another girl
Me:Dylan how could U You You Bastard
Dylan:Listen Lola Its Over Where Done You got today for you to pack your stuff and go somewhere or Im kicking u out on the streets after this I want nothing to do whit u okay
Me:Fuck U Dylan
Dylan:I will take that as a thank u
He went out side whit the girl and drove off I have lost it I start crying and yelling back and cursing
And I couldn't take it I wanted to die I went in the kitchen and got a knife and went in the bathroom I started Cutting my arms and then I was having panic attacked
Then I hear the door open Again
I was crying so loud and screaming and out of breath I wanted to die
Then I heard my name being called buy 5guys
Harry:Lola are you home
Louis:Lola Where the hell are u

Me and boys ran trough lola house Trying to find her I hear. A lot of screaming and crying I had a feeling I had a bad feeling at the house as soon as I got the feeling I went and called boys and we went to the house then i found a trail of blood
And then It ending up leading me to a bathroom
Then I heard her oh my god she having a panic attack
Me and boys ran in the bathroom we seen her face and hands are all blood all over her she was screaming and crying and breathing heavy

Me:Lola who did this to you
All she did was cry and yell more
Me:Lola What happen

She was on the floor and I went next to her

Me:Lola answer me now

She start shaking now like bad

Liam:Lola breath slow down

But she was shaking even more

Liam:Lola your in shock Clam It you can die like this

But she dident

She got up and ran to the toilet bowl and trow up
Like bad I ran up to her and was holding her hair back

Liam:Breath in and out Lola

Harry Zayn and niall was in shock they where just standing there like What just happen

She stop throwing up

But she start crying again

Me:Lola clam the hell down

3minutes later she stop

But her hands where all still bloody

Me:What happen Lola

Lola:He cheated on me he trow me out he said he wants nothing to do whit me

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