Lola Tomlinson Story

Louis Tomlinson always loved his sister and protected her from heart breaks And stuff but all that has change Harry styles Louis band mate


3. Come on we're gonna be late

As my brother Louis pick me up from the floor
Louis:You okay
Me:Yeah I'm just gonna go in the shower so get out
Louis:ill be waiting for you down stairs
As he went down stairs and closed the door now Im debating
On Sleeping or going in the shower
Me:Umm them I came to mind to go I never got to meet the guys yet good 2years they been wanting to see me that's the funny part of it and I never go
So then I went in my closet And dis sided to Wear Skinny jeans whit rips and a white v nek shirt
Whit flats And a sweater so I got that out and put that on the bed and I went in the shower I was in for about 5minutes I like the hot water and then I got out And got a towel and went to go change I put on the clothing and then I blowed dry my hair and then I brushed it then put on. A little make up pink blush whit mascara That's all then I got my phone and my purse and putted on my sweater and grab my phone and went down stairs
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