This is my first story on movellas, so please don't judge. Advice would be great!

Taylor was just an ordinary teenage girl who never fully fit into society. After being diagnosed with a very small case of dyslexia things just got worse. This is the story about how Taylor faced her weaknesses and bullies.


1. The beginning

My life was starting to look up. New town, new school, new life away from all of the pain and thoughts. My new life was going great. My grades were back up and I finally had some decent friends. It was all prefect. Clearly too perfect, because come that gloomy Tuesday morning of August 12th. It all began again.


Perhaps I should start at the beginning. I was born on the 17th of June 1997 at the Massachusetts General Hospital at 1:25 am. I grew up with my mother Annabel and my father Bernard in a small house in Boston. I’ve always struggled through school my whole life. Always felt like an outcast. I had no friends. Last year I was diagnosed with a very small case of dyslexia. This made school that bit harder, especially when the rest of the students found out about it. This is when it began. It was the dreaded day of May 16th that my life became worse. Everything was starting to fall apart.


I was walking down the school hallway as per usual when I felt something hit my back. It was a note with my name in capitals on the front.


And the inside read:

“Your worthless, useless, a loser”

I turned around to see who’d thrown it, but everyone was walking everywhere so I couldn’t see. That was day 1.


My body jolted as I got woken up by shouting. It was 2:23am. My parents were arguing over the same pointless things. This had been going on for the past several months. When mum comes in my room sometimes to just talk to me dad comes in and they start arguing. Can’t they see that I don’t like it???

There were 2 things that I now don’t look forward to. 1 – Going to school. 2 – Coming home. Isn’t home supposed to be my safe place? The place where I can just be me?


As soon as I started walking into the hallway, people started laughing at me. I didn’t know why. Once I saw my locker I knew. Taped to my locker was an A4 piece of paper and written in thick permanent texta read the words:


I quickly ripped it off and hid it in my locker. I tried to forget about it but all day, no matter where I went people laughed and whispered to each other. At that very moment I felt like I stood out.


11:15, I walked into maths, my favourite subject because it didn’t involve reading long paragraphed sentences. It was a place where I felt like I could fit in.

“Oi, freak!” Lucy Darkmen yelled from across the classroom as I walked in.

“Don’t sit next to me. You’ll make me seem like a nerd and weird person.” said Abby. The one person that use to want to sit next to me.

By 5th lesson I had been called 6 different names. It was hard enough having no real friends to talk to. All I have is my diary. That was my only friend, if you could consider it one. I thought things would stop. They didn’t.

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