my bully-george shelley

Ashley has been bullied nearly all her life by the 'popular' people from school but one day when the main bully George Shelley sees Ashley trying to take her own life what will happen?


4. worst day ever

just as I had expected, the maths lesson took for ever to end. Oh and it was absolute hell, whenever I got a question right George would whisper in my ear that I'm a nerd or he would tell me i was ugly whenever Mr Smiths back was turned. But the worse news is that I have to help George with his work after school which means he has to come fund my house. Great new he'll know where I live.

After maths, the rest of the day went pretty fast. At lunch i sat on my own and I received plenty of dirty looks of George, Josh, JJ and Jaymi and the 3 girls that were surrounding them who I presume are their girlfriends. After lunch it was English and that wasn't that bad because all we did was watch a film. Finally, after a whole hour of watching the clock the bell finally rang which signalled the end of the day. I picked up my things and made my way out the door and walked out of the gate, trying to forget about today which had probably been the worst day of my life. But of course I had no luck, because as I was walking I heard the all too familiar sound of George and Josh and JJ and Jaymi and from what I could hear, their footsteps were getting closer to me.

This should be a fun walk home...
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