my bully-george shelley

Ashley has been bullied nearly all her life by the 'popular' people from school but one day when the main bully George Shelley sees Ashley trying to take her own life what will happen?


2. reality

'Ashley, get out of bed, you going to be late' mum shouted as I hit the snooze button on my alarm for about the 10th time this morning. I groaned and finally persuaded myself to get out of bed. I got dressed and made my way downstairs just as Jake took the last piece of toast of the table. I moaned and went over to the cupboard to see what i could find 'you snooze you loose' Jake teased. urgh i hate him sometimes. I picked up a packet of crisps and made my way to the door, 'BYE' I shout as i walk. I got lost in my thoughts as i walked through the maze of streets that take me to my school. After about five minutes of walking my school came into sight, great. 'torture starts now' i mutter to myself as i walk through the gates

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