my bully-george shelley

Ashley has been bullied nearly all her life by the 'popular' people from school but one day when the main bully George Shelley sees Ashley trying to take her own life what will happen?


3. just my luck

I walked down the path that led to the front doors of my school just so I could go straight to lesson, you see, I never use to go to lesson straight away when Charlie was here but when Charlie moved the bullying got worse and I had no one to just stand and talk with before lesson. But because I was already quite late this morning, I had got to school at a decent time. I made my way to maths, which I was dreading because George just happened to be in that class. It wasn't so bad, he sat at the front  and I was at the back on my own, which is what I prefer. I was one of the first people into maths class, but just as I had sat down the bell went. The other people in my class walked in and took their seats. I didn't see George walk in so I thought I was safe for at least one day, but then of course my luck went down the drain as he walked straight through the door. 'great' I mumbled to myself as I watched him take his seat. As soon as he sat down, he turned around to face Josh who sat behind him. George must have seen me looking at him because he started to whisper things to Josh and then they looked at me and laughed. I tried to ignore it but it wasn't that easy. Mr Smith looked up from his computer and glanced at George, then he walked over to him and the whole class went silent suddenly. 'Right, Shelley move to the back next to Ashley, I think she will be able to help you concentrate and help you with some of the maths work as I see your struggling a bit at the moment.' WHAT!? Did I just hear him right? I have to sit next to George, who hates my guts? It's bad enough he bully's me around school when I see him, now things will be 100 times worse. George got his thing's and started to walk over to my table at the back, he had a smirk on his face that just seemed to say 'haha, better watch out now Ashley.' He pulled the chair out next to me and sat in it as I just pushed myself as close to the wall as possible. This is going to be hell...

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