my bully-george shelley

Ashley has been bullied nearly all her life by the 'popular' people from school but one day when the main bully George Shelley sees Ashley trying to take her own life what will happen?


1. *Ashley's introduction'


Hey I'm Ashley, I'm 17. My life use to be normal until a couple of years ago. you wanna know what happened? well here it goes...

My mum and dad divorced when i was about 15. you see, my dad got a job offered in Australia and want to take me, my brother Jake and mum with him, but none of us really wanted to go, we were happy here in Bristol also Jake was just about to go into year 7 at the time which was quite a big thing.


 Mum and Dad then got into a really big argument and Dad just left for Australia there and then, a few weeks after mum got the divorce papers through the post. Then not long after the divorce, my best friend Charlie gave me the worst news I've received so far. She told me that she was moving to London and that just broke me. At school i was bullied by the 'popular' group that consisted of Josh, George, Lexi and Ellie, there are a few others but i don't really know there names but they all bullied me but George was the worst. Charlie stood up for me when they bullied me but when she moved away everything got 10 times worse...

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