When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


5. the cofee shop

I was at a coffee shop catching up with my 5 beasties, Rachel, Cassie, Beckee, Tyler and Kristy. We were talking about what our plans were when we went on our cruise for graduating high school. When 5 extremely hot guys walk into the room we all stop we were talking about and admire the guys as they walk past and sit in the booth next to us. We continued to talk. All of us had our own favourite except for Tyler who couldn’t care less. After a little while the waitress came to us and gave Kristy a love heart cookie with a note.

'Um... Excuse me we didn’t order anything else' Kristy's says

'I know he did' she points to a guy with brown curly hair, dimples and green eyes. The one Kristy had her eye on. Kristy opens up the note and read Harry, then a mobile number on it. The boys next to us were laughing. We continue to chat and drink our drinks, while Kristy shared her cookie with me.

He stands up and walks past us.

'Hey, um... Thanks' Kristy says

'No problems' he said followed by a wink.

Everyone giggled and was elbowing Kristy as a joke.

'Oh my gosh, shut up guys haha' Kristy says

'Awe that’s really cute' Rachel says

Kristy blushes and looks down playing with her phone.


After a little while about half an hour Kristy gets up to pay for our drinks, her shout.

'Hi that would be $30 thanks.' Kristy hands her, her card.

'Would you like to become a club member, its free and you get points every time you order and once you reach 10 points you receive a free coffee?' the waitress asks

'Um, yeah sure' Kristy responds.

'Okay we just need you phone number.'

‘Sure its 04, 01... .’

As she says this we see the guy who gave her the biscuit race up behind her and typing in his phone.

She continued on with her number while the guy still is typing in his phone.

Kristy get the receipt and turns around to walk back to our table not knowing the guy was right behind her and she bumps into him.

'Oh am sorry I didn’t realise you were behind me'

'Nah its fine gorgeous.'' he replies smiling.

'Haha okay' she starts to walk around him to walk back to us when he grabs her arm.

'I was just wandering, did it hurt when you fell.'

'Umm excuse me?'

'When you fell from heaven? A girl as beautiful as you must be an angel'

'Haha really? Is that your best pick up line?' she responds and walks back to the table.

'Oh... Burn!!' the guys say next to us.

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