When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


19. saved?

3rd day.

Geby POV

I wake up to someone kicking me I roll in a ball to protect myself. I cry out for help and scream for the person to stop but it kept going harder and harder. The person kept yelling

‘why won’t you love me? Why? I hate you! ‘I think they broke my ribs, I could barely breathe they eventually stopped and walked out of the room in a rage. I ball out in tears my body is in so much pain at this point in time. I don’t know what to do. I which this was all a bad dream that I could wake up form and have Louis cuddle me for protection telling me that it Is going to be okay and to be able to hang out with my friends and eat, drink, walk around as I please. At this point in time I don’t think they will ever find me. Why did I trust the freak? Why did I date him? I was hungry and grabbed the water and muesli bar and ate and drank more. Just lifting my arm felt like someone was stabbing me a million times. I want to go home!!!!!

Louis POV

Another day without her, it is killing me. Where is she?? What are the police doing about it? Are they even looking for her? I need to know she is safe. I want her by my side where I can just snuggle up to her watching a movie and being able to protect her. Why did I let her go by herself? I punch the wall a few times in anger. Niall runs in. ‘wtf man? What are you doing?’ he yells worried. He grabs me away for the wall. I fall in his arms in tears. ‘its all my fault, if only I went with her, she could be safe right now. And none of this would ever have happened. ‘Louis, are you listening to yourself? like you would have known this would happen. She is 19, she can take care of herself. None of this is any of your fault. It’s the person who has taken her. Not yours!’ Niall convinces me. I freeze and think of the movie taken. What if she has been abducted and sold to be a drugged prostitute?! No, no, no, no! this could not have happened it doesn’t happen here in Australia, it just doesn’t, does it? I try and think positive we all go out looking for her and calling her. My adrenalin rush calms down and I start to get a huge pain in my hand. I look down and see it is all brushed. My hand looks all retarded. Great. Just. great. Now I have broken my hand and torn ligaments in it. I go to the hospital to get a cast on, thinking of when Geby took me in the first place. I see the doctor who gave me the bandage in the first time. He looked at me and gave me the ‘what happened look. I just looked up at him and said ‘don’t ask’ and looked back down. He gave me an x-ray and got me a cast. I walk back to the hotel pissed that I wasted all that time at the effing hospital when I should be looking for her. It was dark again.  We were about to spend another night apart. I just hope she is okay.


Day 4

Geby’s pov

I wake up and am beaten again. I’m not starting to feel it now my body is just all numb now.


Louis pov.

 I get a call I quickly answer

‘hello, this is Louis speaking’

‘hello, Louis this is constable Lilli form the police station’

‘yes, what is it?’ *plz be good news plz* I say to myself

‘I belive you told us to ring if we have anything, we have the plates form the car that took Geby, plaice are on their way now to the house.’

‘really?’ I yell with excitement.

‘really, but remember Mr Tomlinson, we don’t know what state she may be in. okay. The owner of the car is Ryan Cordingly? ’

‘I freeze, yes I do!c he was her ex, I thought he was locked up, he is a pure phyco. Why didn’t i think of this before? How did he get out of jail? I reply.

‘sir, their was over crowding in the jail and he was released.’

‘are you effing kidding me? Now look what he has done, what type of people just let guys like him loose? Look what he has done?’

I hang up in a rage. They have the car I hope they find that mongrel is shot.


Geby’s POV

I here yelling and footsteps when someone comes into the room and grabs me they walk me around the outside out the back into a car and start to drive off. I walk outside and am blinded by the light; I haven’t seen the light in 4 days. I am to tired to flee I am in so much pain. I am thrown in the car and some guy is plassed next to me we all speed off.

‘where are we going?’ I hesitate to ask.

‘somewhere safe.’  Ryan responds.


Police pov

We get to the house and after the search find out that they must have gone. We see tire marks heading west. We try to get a track on the car and find out that it went past a speed camera at 10am it was now 10:10 we had time to get to them. We all part out and head west. For assistance we ask the media to advertise who we are looking for. We get a call from a driver that saw them at traffic lights about a kilometre away. We have the sirens on and people are pulling over making a clear path to where the car was last seen.


Gebys pov

We pull up to traffic lights and I see there is a path for me to escape. I look around at the people in the car they are all busy on the phone. I quietly and slowly undo the seat belt then bolt out the door. I run for my life it hurts every step but I need to keep moving was screaming for help. I could heer foot stpes behind me getting closer and closer. Then I here sirens and see police coming. I just hop theu are looking for me. I start to slow down as I see the police coming then. I feel someone grab me. The police run out of the car and have their guns in hand. Then I feel it the tip of a gun being buried into my temple. ‘let her go’ the police yell

‘no! if you shoot I shoot too’ he replies

My heart is beating faster and faster. Then I hear a gunshot I freeze. Then I feel a huge pain in my head. I pass out and drop to the ground. I open my eyes everything is blurry I can see people running up to me and yelling at me but I couldn’t reply. My eyes close ‘I think to myself, this is it I’m dead.

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