When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


15. movie time again


Louis walks Geby home, while the rest of us go back up to the hotel room. The boys race back to the couch to watch TV. Harry holds my hand a walk me outside where a moon chair was we lay down. I lay my head on his chest while he was running his hand through my hair. We lay snuggling, star gazing and looking at weird shapes that the stars formed. He kisses my head I look up at him admiring his breath taking green eyes and curly hair. He looks down as we stare into each other’s eyes.

‘you are beautiful you know’

‘pftt thanks..’ I respond looking away from him

he lifts my face up ‘what? Don’t you think your beautiful?’

‘no, I know I’m not, I’m just average’

He sits up. ‘Average?! Are you kidding me you are the most beautiful person I know’

‘wow you mustn’t know many people’ I say with a cheeky smile

‘why else do you think I was so keen to get to know you?’

‘idk I thought it could have been just like a prank from your mates’

‘wow. I would never do that to anyone lil own you’

‘aww you are the sweetest guy in the world’

I stroke his curly hair he leans in and kisses my forehead. I pull his head down more, him not hesitating as our lips touch for a slow kiss.


Geby’s POV

We watch another movie. I was laying with my head on his chest he starts stroking my hair. “no’ I think to myself he found my biggest weakness. I soon fall asleep. I half wake up during the night to me being carried into a bed. I get comfortable and feel someone lay down behind me spooning me with their arm around my waist I fall back to sleep again quickly.

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