When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


13. life saver

‘I have an idea’ I say

‘Geby, he might stop stalking you if you have a “boyfriend” by your side and he realises that you have moved on.’ I say

‘Yeah I guess but who and how because he probes know we have only just met.’

‘It doesn’t matter lots of people meet once and start going out.’

‘Louis you should be her boyfriend’ Harry winks at Louis then smiles.

‘Ah okay’ he says

‘So what do we do then?’ Geby asks

‘Ah just act like a normal couple you know holding hands etc’ I say with a cheeky smile on my face.


We get down to the ground level we walk out of the elevator. Louis holds Geby close as they walk out of the front door holding hands. We see the guys waiting.


‘What are you doing with my girl?’ Ryan says as he approaches Geby holding her other hand.

‘Your girl? I’m pretty sure she broke up with you ages ago.’ Louis says

‘No we just had a fight and a miss understanding, Come on babe lets go home’ Ryan explains.

‘Let go of me! We did not have a little miss understanding you are a pure psych who follows me everywhere. I don’t like you when will you get that in your head?’ Geby says in a rage


He grabs Gaby’s arm again and pulls her towards him.

‘Let go of her!’ Ryan says to Louis.

‘No you leave her alone you herd her she doesn’t like you’

Geby tries pulling her arm free. Ryan grabs her tighter and pulls her harder.

Ryan attempts to hit Geby but Louis sees it coming and punches him in the face. Ryan lets go of her arm as he holds his jaw. Louis takes advantage of the opportunity and pulls Geby behind him. The other two guys approach Louis while Niall, Zayn, Harry and Liam stand next to Louis.

‘Look why don’t you guys just leave?’ Liam says. Ryan stands up quickly and grabs me holding me tight so I could break free.

‘Fine you can have her. But I’m taking Kristy’

I stomped on his foot tried elbowing him in the ribs but he wouldn’t budge.

Harry walks up Ryan

‘I don’t think you want to do that’ he says as he pulls out a knife and puts it near my neck

‘Leave us alone let me go your freckling idiot’

‘Ah feisty, I like that in a women’ he says.

I bite his hand causing him to drop the knife but he wouldn’t let go Harry punches him in the face and pulls me free.

Police come around the corner.

‘Hey there he is!’ one of them yells as he runs up behind Ryan, tackling him to the ground and handcuffing him.


We’ve been after him for a while after a number of stalking’s, sexual assaults and kidnapping an 18 year old girl.

‘Are you all okay?’ one of the police officers ask us.

‘Yeah we are fine’ thanks Liam says

‘Okay, well ill need to see you all at the police station tomorrow morning, we will watch the security footage and assess the situation. For how long they will be locked up for’

‘Okay thanks’ Geby says with a sigh of relief.

 The guys are arrested and placed in the police car and driven to the station. Geby runs up to Louis and falls into his arms

‘Thank you so much!’

‘Its okay, no problems’ he replies

‘Hey you know he’s gone you don’t have to act any more’ Liam says

‘Shut up Liam just coz your jealous’ Louis says smiling.

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