When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


20. hospital

Louis pov

The police call. They have found her but she has been shot ad taken to the hospital. I tell everyone we all rush to the hospital. I run through the hospital and see her in the bed. Her face was a mixture of blacks and purples and her head was bandaged up. I see her unconscious in bed. I couldn’t get over how she could still look stunning with bruises all over her and a bandage covering her head. I sit next to her not taking my eye off her i held her hand rubbing it with my finger waiting for the moment of her to wake up.


The next day 5.00pm

It dark I could see ryan coming closer to me he has a knife and he stabs me. I scream out for help. Then I feel someone grab me. I sit up and open my eyes. Its so bright, I think im in a hospital. I see Louis next to me hugging me and calling for a nurse. ‘its okay, its okay, you are safe?’ Louis says. I relax and just crying. It was only a dream then I feel pain all over my body. ‘ah, this hurts so much’ the nurse comes in. ‘are you okay? Describe your pain?’

‘100’ I cry out. I feel like I have been shot. ‘well you kind of have. ‘the bullet skimmed past your head cutting some of the skin before hitting the guy who was holding you hostage.’ ‘oh my gosh. What else is wrong with me?’ I ask

‘You have broken two ribs, your arm, internal and external bruising.’ Ill go get you morphine.

Louis buries himself in his hands. ‘I hold grab hold of his hand. ‘its okay babe, im okay’ I say to him.

‘I can’t believe I let this happen to you.’ He says. I realise he has a cast on his hand. ‘what happened to your arm?’ I ask concerned. ‘it doesn’t matter’ he replies ‘yes it does, why do  you have a cast on Louis’ I punched a wall in anger’ he replies ‘aww Louis why would you do that?’

‘because the thought of me losing you hurts so much. I cant believe I let this happen’ ‘louis! You did not let this happen to me. How was anyone supposed to know that he would abduct me’ I yell. ‘im sorry’ he says ‘no im sorry I didn’t mean to yell’ I say. There was a silence, but not an awkward type we were looking at each other ‘you know all I could think about was being back in the hotel with you.’ He leans in closer. Our faces get about 10cm away from each other. ‘Geby!’ I here Rachel yell. We quickly pull back. ‘oh sorry’ she replies. Everyone walks in, Rachel, Liam, Cassie, Zayn, Beckee, Niall, Kristy and Harry. Everyone was smiling and happy to see me. The police then came in my smile quickly turned upside down. ‘im sorry to interrupt. Im constable Karen, this sergeant Peter’ ‘hi,’ ‘we need to question you about what happened.’ ‘yeah,  understand’ ‘please explain exactly what happen throughout the days you were taken’
‘well I walked down to the servo bought milk and as I was walking out of the shop I accidently bumped into Ryan as I was looking down at my phone. He said that he knew I would He pulls me aside ‘now listen here you! We are going back to my place where we are meant to be. We were meant to be together forever,‘no we weren’t aren’t that’s why we broke up!’ he grabbed my arm and walked me over to a car I was pulling and trying to get free but I couldn’t. He zip tied my arms together, grabbed my phone and slammed the door. We drive somewhere I kept trying to break free but I couldn’t the door was on child lock too. I start balling my eyes out. What if they don’t find me? We come to a house after we drove for about 45mins. He walks me inside and locks me in a room. I was yelling and screaming but no one was around to help. The second day I was trying to get out of the room but I couldn’t I was crying out for food and water. Ryan came in and tried getting me to stay with ihm forever and tell him I love him but I wouldn’t he was the biggest freak. He punched me in the face and stormed out. Then the second day I was given a muesli bar and a bottle of water, the third day I was woken up by being kicked and punched and beaten by him. He kept yelling ‘why won’t you love’ me over and over. He left me alone then the next day he grabbed me and we drove away. We got to traffic lights and I jumped out of the car and ran for my life then I heard to sirens and relaxed thinking I was safe until he grabbed me and put the gun to my head and yeah you know the rest’ I explained A feeling of relief filled my body.

‘wow, im sorry you had to go through this’ the police said. I look around the room and could see all of the girls were all crying all of the guys were tearing up and Louis was upset but in a rage at the same time. ‘thanks for that I  might have to come back later.’ The police say ‘where is he now?’ I ask ‘he is in the cell at the police station.’ She explains

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