When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


18. continued kidnapping

Geby’s POV

I wake up in a room, the door is locked and I can’t get out. It’s getting dark. What if they don’t find me, would they be looking for me? What if I’m stuck here forever. The door opens and I see Ryan approach me. He sits on the small mattress beside me.

‘come on love, if you just admit it that we are meant to be together it will be okay’ Ryan says

‘no! go away you have kidnapped me we are not repeat ARE NOT meant to be together let me go please!’ I beg

He looks at me in a rage and punches me in the face and storm outs of the room. I start crying again. My face was so sore; I was so hungry and thirsty. I just wanted to be at home in the arms of Louis safe and sound. I walk up to the door knocking on it and begging for food but there is no response. I am weak and collapse on the thin mattress.


1st night/ 2nd day

Louis POV

I didn’t sleep munch last night I couldn’t stop thinking about her. It almost has been a whole 24hrs without her. I hope she is okay. What if she is injured? What if she’s. dea.. no  no she can’t be she’s strong and gorgeous and don’t think like that! I keep walking around the city and ringing up the cops to see if they have found her yet I don’t think they are going to respond to my number any more. i cant stop thinking about her I begin to feel hungry then think she probably isn’t eating, she would be starving by now. I can’t eat if she isn’t eating. The day goes by slow as every minute feels like 10mins it sad. I get home and crash on the couch I was so exhausted I had to keep searching but I had used up all of my energy. Liam walks up to me handing me a plate with food on it.

‘no I don’t want to eat, she probably is starving’

‘mate she wouldn’t want you to starve just because she might not be eating, you have been searching nonstop you need to eat. I mean she might be eating right now you never know.’ Liam explains

I agree and decide to eat but I only have a couple of mouthfuls I couldn’t imagine what she could be going through. I spent another day searching for her, yet no result. i went to bed crying tonight I hope she is okay and safe.


Geby’s POV

I spent hours and hours laying on the very thin mattress on the ground. I was at the door begging for food and water and to be let go for hours. Finally the door is opened and a bottle of water is thrown in with a muesli bar. I quickly move towards it and gulp the water down and take a big bite of the muesli bar, but once I swallowed I realised I might not drink or be fed again for ages so I decided to eat the bar slowly, one grain at a time and sip the water when I needed it most. I always hated muesli bars but its surprising what you eat when you are starving. I couldn’t get out I was bashing on the boors I think broke my hands and they were bleeding I went back to laying on the bed and fell asleep. The second night being kidnapped, will they ever find me?

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