When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


2. beach

Chapter two

We get to the beach. So we hop out of the car and walk down to a picnic bench. We sit down next to each other facing the ocean. I pause for a moment just admiring the crashing waves. Louis opens up the containers. Inside were pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup.

'Awe my favourite. Thanks Lou' I say as I kiss him.

'No problems babe.'

We sit talking and eating for 45mins taking advantage of the limited time we had together for the morning.


'So where are we off to next' I ask

'Are you up to a little bush walk?'

'Wow you are full of surprises. Yeah sure'

'Great! Well we are going to Mt Tamborine'

'Oh... Is that the place where Liam and Rachel went on their first date?'


'Oh I can’t wait it was apparently really beautiful.'

'Yeah that’s what Liam said'

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