When We Met

Geby and Louis go on a date, on the way home Geby has a flash back of when she first met Louis...
p.s Geby is pronouced Gabby, short for Gebrielle


1. Suprise Date

Chapter 1

 'Babe wake up, Geby… come on beautiful it’s time to get up'

I open my eyes to see my gorgeous boyfriend over me.

'him.. Oh morning Lou, sorry' I say croakily as I was still half asleep.

'Haha good morning beautiful, its okay'' he replies with a big grin on his face.


I lift up my arm sliding my hand beside his face to the back of his head and pull him close.


'How did I get such an amazing boyfriend?'  He continues to lean in and we kiss.

'How did I get such an incredible girlfriend?' he says as he pulled, but leans in again.


'Well babe you really need to get up otherwise we will be late' he says

'Why won’t you tell me where we are going?' I say as I pout trying to get him to tell me.

'Babe don’t look at me like that with your gorgeous big brown eyes. I’m not telling you because that’s the whole point of the surprise.' he says

'Argh, you are lucky I love you Louis Tomlinson'

'Yes I really am, Geby McConville'

'So are you going to get out of the room so I can get changed?'

'Haha right okay then. Oh and don’t eat breaky I have it planned out.'

'Okay, now move already haha.'

'Okay, okay I'm leaning.'


I get out of bed and shut the door behind me. I sort through my suitcase in the beautiful two bedroom hotel we are staying at for the weekend. I pick out a nice summer dress.

*knock knock*

"Geby, I forgot to tell you, bring your togs.'


I change into the dress and pack my day bag with a towel and my favourite bikini's. I apply my waterproof eyeliner and mascara quickly in the bathroom; I give my hair a quick brush and leave it as it is. Dark brown and straight, mid waist length. I grab my bag and walk out of the room to see Louis out on the balcony looking over the city. I sneak up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist resting my head on Louis shoulder.

'Oh you scared me' he said as he turned his head kissing me on the forehead.

'Um... I’m pretty sure that was the point'

'Haha yeah, so are you ready?'

'Year, now will you tell me where you are going?'

'Wow you are keen aren’t you?'

'Yes I really am'

'I’ll tell you where we are going for breakfast.'

'Argh, okay where?'

'The beach'

'The beach? Um okay.'

Well let’s go he says as he walks to the door opening it for me.

'Thank-you, do you have a towel?'

 'Yeah it’s in the car'

'Oh okay, smarty pants.'


He closes the door behind me grabs my hand as we walk to the entrance/exit of the hotel. Louis walks over to the front desk girl and asks for something. I see her hand him some Styrofoam containers. She has a big grin on her face as she looks at him, then at me. She winks at me as he walks back towards me.

'What was that about?'

'Um... Just grabbing breakfast.' he replies.

'Ah... Okay then'


We walk to Louis car. He cuts in front of me to open the car door for me.

'Wow i really am getting spoilt today'I say as wink at him and hop in the car.

Louis gets in the car and starts to drive to the beach.

'So what’s the special occasion?'

'Um... Can’t I spoil my girlfriend for a weekend?'

'I guess, but it was all of a sudden.'

'Yeah well I am busy with the band and I wanted to get away before I got called in for something that might pop up'

'Aww okay.'

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