The Teacher Trials.

Cady and her best mate Jade are always up to date with the latest gossip. One day, in the middle of a VERY boring English Lesson, Cady pulls out her phone and begins to text. Just when she's ready to send, their new English teacher walks in, mesmorising them all.
Well, all the girls.
But Mr Horan isn't how he seems.
He's youger then most teachers, nearly the same age as Cady herself.
Could this be a trick, or pure Fate?


2. Lesson's.

Cady took her seat in Geography, beside Aimee. Jade was on the other side of the room, sitting with Ashley Grange and Harry Styles. There were only a couple other students because this was extra-marks, because Cady wanted to be a Traveller. And a Marine Biologist.

Mr Kai walked in with an armfull of papers and folders, and Cady sighed when she knew how much work they'd actually need to do. Aimee looked the same.


It was lunch, and Jade sat alone with Cady. She was quiet for a while, and then she began to babble on, like nothing had happened.

"You know what?" Jade commented, biting into her sandwich, "We have a new English teacher".

Cady's ears pricked up. New Teached. Oh, this was going to be exciting.

"What's their name?"

"Mr Horan. Apparently he moved all the way from Ireland. I mean, who'd do that? Apart from him, of course. But that's sorta cool, in a way..."

"Hey, hey, hold on. Ireland? He? This is gonna be awsome!"

"Why? Cause I totes call dibs. Well, if he's hot and all".

"No, not that! I mean, I'm quatre Irish! You know that!"

"Yeah, maybe your related..."

"Oh, your so weird, Jade. I think I'd know if we were related. But I call double dibs, so he's mine".

"Even if he's bold and as short as a leprechaun..."

"Not even funny, Jade".

Jade had finished her sandwich and was now on a chocolate. She snapped it and gave half to Cady, who gave a polite 'Thanks' and chewed away happily.

At that moment, the bell rang like a long and boring siren. Jade jumped up and held a hand out to Cady who accepted, and they both hurried off to English.


Cady and Jade sat at their desks excitedly. Many more students piled in, and finally, a tall and very handsome looking man, walked in. He held a book, and a few sheets of paper, and dropped them on his personal desk.

"Afternoon" he spoke, in such a thick Irish accent, Cady didn't feel as if she were actually Irish. His hair was a dark blonde, and very creamy looking, and his eyes were such a blue, it looked like the sky and ocean combined.

He had great facial features too. His chin was perfectly chizeled, and his cheekbones showed in such a perfect way it was almost as if he'd been made out of stone. His cheeks were pale, but he had such a kind smile.

"Cady Joe...?"

Cady looked up. He was sat at the desk, his eyes searching around.

Cady put her hand up polietly.

"Good afternoon" she called. Luckily, he replied with a smile, and continued down the registar.

"Ha, I thought you were gonna panic. Hey, have you noticed how young he looks? He looks about our age!"

Cady hadn't noticed. She been so busy looking at him she hadn't actually realised how old he actually was.

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