The Teacher Trials.

Cady and her best mate Jade are always up to date with the latest gossip. One day, in the middle of a VERY boring English Lesson, Cady pulls out her phone and begins to text. Just when she's ready to send, their new English teacher walks in, mesmorising them all.
Well, all the girls.
But Mr Horan isn't how he seems.
He's youger then most teachers, nearly the same age as Cady herself.
Could this be a trick, or pure Fate?


1. Back.

Cady could feel the heat of the sun from the moment she rose out of her bed. It poured in through the gap in her curtains, exposing her amazing, light brown tan. She smiled to herself as she made her way into the bathroom to get dressed for school.

It was her first day back to Jackson State High in San Francisco, and she was as excited as ever. This meant being back to the with Jade, her best mate. They both had the same classes which was how they'd first met, and it was great to have somebody she could tell anything too.  And they were both popular, so this was an added bonus.

Cady had stuck with her white tank top, and black, glitter shorts, and, of course, her amazing black Doc Martins. They were her Fashion Favourite. She kept her hair in a loose ponytail, and applied black mascara and a tiny smudge of eye-liner.

After that, Cady bounced out of the bathroom and down the stairs to the kitchen, where her mom sat at the table eating a slice of toast. There was a plate out for Cady, and a tall glass of Tropicana orange juice, too.

If anybody could lay this out for Cady in the perfect way, it had to be her mom everytime. She had that kind of 'Mom Thing'. Which, for Cady, was kind of lucky.

She took a seat beside her mom at the table, and took the first bite of warm toast. It was smothered with butter, just the way she liked it, and when she'd finished, she drank the whole glass of juice. Then it was back up stairs to her bedroom, where she sorted through her school bag for all her correct textbooks, and of course, her make-up bag.

When she'd finished shuffeling through her bag, she mad eher way back into her en-suite bathroom where she brushed her teeth, and applied a little bit of lip shine.  Before she left, she sprayed a bit of purfume, and grabbed her bag.

When she was half way down the stairs, she called a good-bye to her mom, and made her way through the front door.

Right on que, the big, yellow school bus arrived, parking on the curb of her rather long driveway. Jade was sat at the back with Aimee and Felicty, their other best mates. Cady wasted no time standing their gawping, and instead climbed onto the bus with a tiny smile at the driver.

When she was seated, the bus chugged, and began to drive off down the road.

"So, Cad's, how was your holiday?"

It was never hugs, or kisses on the cheek with Felicity. It was like she could never get to her point, like her emotions were blocked out by words.

Cady shrugged.

"Depends. Does cleaning swimming pools around the neighbour hood count?"

"I asked how your holiday was, not was it good! But, I guess cleaning manky pools is a good thing. You did get paid, right?"

Cady laughed lightly, and turned towards Jade.

"Babe, what about you? Godd holiday? Or cleaning pools like me?"

Jade was always one who got to her point through words, and in the first sentance. Cady was pretty surprised when Jade didn't reply, and instead her eyes swelled with shining tears.

"Oh gosh...Cad's, we didn't tell you. God, come here".

Aimee reached out to Cady and pulled her close. Then she began to whisper furiously, and Cady was shocked that Aimee didn't even rest.

Then Aimee said those dreaded words.

"Her brother died..."

Cady gasped, and glanced over at Jade, who was wiping at her eyes. There were wet patches all over her hand, and Cady hated seeing her best mate like this.

She wrapped both arms around her, and kissed her on the head. At that exact moment, the bus came to a hault, and Mizra James hopped onto the bus. She was a typical popular : Bouncy hair, LOADS of make-up, fake tan, big leverage, huge booty and killer heels. Cady knew she'd so get punished for that if they attended a different school, but Mizra's mom's friend owned the school, so she could get away with just about anything.

Even fighting, and that's what she was most good at.

She paused when she noticed Cady's arms around Jade.

Cady pulled back, and setteled in her seat as quickly as she could, but Mizra had her mouth open.

"Oh god, are you two...EWWW! Not on the bus!"

Mizra started to do a little point-and-dance, every single pair of eyes turned to face Cady and Jade.

Jade stood up, but Felicity smartly pulled her back down.

"Don't, Jade, you'll make the situation worse" she hissed, and Jade slumped down. Cady shot Mizra her most evil eyes, and Mizra smirked in a cold, and nasty way.

Cady knew she was lucky because they were just as popular. 

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