The Mode.

This story is about a teenager named Esmee, with the power to control herself in at a whole new level.

This story is made up, and I'd like to thank my TV Remote for being a great help!
(You'll see why...)


1. Prologue.

Evening's are the best for me. The pale cast of light that fades ever so slowly behind the trees right at the very front of our house. And then comes the purple and pink lit sky and it truly compliments this well.

But that's just me. You all might have a different feeling, like maybe, morning is your favourite sky-time. Or maybe afternoon because anything could happen as the day moves along...

My hand released the fountain pen. I suddenly wasn't in the mood for writing anymore. But it wasn't myself who was controlling my actions. It was something much more confuesing.

I stood up from where I was sitting, and left my bedroom in an un-explained hurry. Then I was sitting on the sofa beside Harry, my older brother.

He was 14, and quite annoying. His spiked brown hair caused accidents, and his attitude even more.

He gave me a long look, before letting his eyes wander back to the TV.

It was no rocket-science.

He was holding the TV remote in his right hand.

And he was skipping.


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