In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


26. You So Beautiful

~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

I walked up to Harrys front door to his apartment. I took a deep breath and thought to myself whether this was a good idea. What if hes still angry? I havnt seen him lose his temper before, I don't know what hes like when hes angry. I take another deep breath and decide that Im here now and I miters well do it now that im here. I knock on the door, but somethings different. Usually I hear harrys footsteps coming to the door almost straight away....but not this time. A minute or so later, I knock again only to hear nothing. I begin to get annoyed, I knock once more, a little harder then the other times and there's finally some footsteps. I hear the door handle being turned then the door swings open to reveal a red puffy eyed Harry. My heart drop at the sight of him...I did this to him. Well actually I didn't do anything, he just didn't let me explain.

"...hey" I say looking down

Harry just stays silent not looking at me. I looked up at him, the sight of him killed me. He nudged his head towards the inside of his apartment and I took that as his way of telling me to come in. I walked inside his apartment and stood in the hallway looking back at Harry who was shutting the front door. I hear the door click and I prepare myself for what may come, is he violent when hes angry? or is he just silent?

Harry still doesn't look at me and begins walking to the kitchen. I just stand there not wanting to move or make things worse. I look round his apartment as if I hadn't been there before. I then look over at Harry who points to the couch signaling for me to take a seat if I want to. I agree and take a seat, Harry still not saying a word to me.

I sit there looking down at my feet playing with my rings on my fingers. I look up into the kitchen to see Harry leaning on the door frame facing away from my staring out into the view behind his apartment. I just sat there, not wanting to make the first move, scared of how he will react. I look back down at my feet, once again playing with my rings. I hear a noise infront of me and I look up to see Harry placing a cup of tea infront of me.

"...thankyou" I say quietly.

Harry just nods his head and takes a seat on the other lounge cupping his own cup of tea. I cup my tea and take a sip, perfect. He always knew how to make my tea exactly how I liked it. I stare down into my tea for a few minutes before speaking.

"can I explain?" I ask quietly

Harry shrugs his shoulders.

I sit my cup of tea down a little harder then I normally would

"listen Harry, you can sit here like this all you like but you cant not let me explain anything" I say

"whats there to explain?" he asks not even looking at me

"ahhh a whole hell of a lot, you have the completely wrong idea" I say a little more firmly

"and what idea do I have Stel?" he asks looking me straight in the eye

"you think im cheating on you!" I yell

"no shit Stel!? I drive past the park to the shops since you weren't answering any of my messages and I see you sitting at the park with some other guy!?" He yells as he stands up, belittling me.

I suddenly get a bit scared, he towers over me. My breathing suddenly gets quicker, and I start to freak out. I take some steps back with Harry following my every step

"did you have fun with him stel?! it damn looked like he was making you happy!" he yelled still stepping forward. I eventually hit a wall and swallow looking at up Harry who was now only inches away from me.

Tears start to well up in my eyes, this wasn't the Harry I knew. I look down at my feet as I feel Harry getting just that tiny bit closer. A tear falls down my cheek as I look down, Harry notices and takes a step back.

"stel, I-I-im so sorry" Harry says reaching for my cheek to whip away the tear.

I smack his hand away and move away from him.

"Get away from me!" I yell

I watch Harrys face drop, I can tell he regrets what he just did.

I shake my head and head towards the front door. I reach for the door handle when Harry runs over and puts his hand against the door not letting me open it.

"open the door harry!" I yell

"no stel, im sorry. ill let you explain" he says

"why the hell should I? you already have the idea stuck in your head that im cheating" I say

"im sorry ok, please explain. I hate feeling like this and I hate seeing you like this" harry says looking down at his feet.

"I wasn't cheating on you harry. My parents invited a family over for dinner and he just so happened to be there as well. We use to know eachother but then we stopped talking, I just hadn't seen him in ages...that's all... sorry if it seemed like I was cheating....I wasn't..." I said looking down

"then why weren't you replying to my messages?" he asked

"cause I didn't wanna text while I was with him, that would be rude" I reply

"oh..." he said

"yea..." I reply looking down

"im so sorry stel..." he said looking up at me

"its ok... just let me explain next time.." I say

Harry pulled me into a hug picking me up and carrying me over to the couch.

"movie?" he asked

I nodded and cuddled up to Harry after he put in the movie.

I feel Harry move his arm and I look at him wondering what hes doing. I lean forward when I realize hes putting his arm around me. I smile and cuddle back into Harry as his arm snakes round my small frame. He pulls me in closer and kisses me on the top of my head. I look up at him and he smiles down at me and leans in. I smile into the kiss once our lips attach. Our lips were moving insinc with each others and Harry pulled me even closer to him. Harry started to push my body back onto the couch slowly as he layed on top of me holding his weight up. He pulls away from the kiss and looks down into my eyes burning into them. I look back into his eyes not taking my eyes away from his. Harry grabs some of my hair and pushes it behind my ear and smiles.

"you so beautiful" he said smiling again.

I grab his neck and pull him back into a kiss.

After about 15 minutes of making out with each other and talking and just staring into eachothers eyes I look over at the clock and realize that its 5pm. I look back into Harrys eyes and he knows exactly what im going to say.

"yea I was thinking the same thing babe" he said smiling down at me.

"I don't wanna go though" I say looking down at his paper airplane necklace.

"come on babe, you have to. Ill give you a lift home ok?" he says getting up

"nope" I say crossing my arms and smirking

"oh really?" he replies

"mhmm" I say in a sassy tone

"you have 3 seconds to get up or im gunna make you" he says smirking

"do your worst" I say smirking

"3" he says

I don't budge

"2" he says smirking

"you might wanna get up babe" he says

I shake my head

"1" he says and gives me a look

"not moving" I say

"ok then babe, you had your chance" he said and started coming towards me

My face drops, shit what have I done

Harry grabs me by the waist and chucks me over his shoulder chuckling as I scream and hit his back telling him to put me down. He refuses and carries me all the way to the car. He opens the door and sits me in the passanger seat smirking. I cross my legs up on the seat crossing my arms like a little kid. Harry chuckles and grabs the seat belt and stretches it over and clips it in when he moves back he looks me in the eyes.

"smile baby girl" he says sneaking a kiss

"no fair" I say

Harry just chuckles and shuts the car door walking round to the drivers seat. He sits down and puts his seat belt on and puts his hand on my thigh which makes me smile as he starts the car and reverses out of the driveway.


heyy guys :) sooo im on holidays now which means I can make more updates :) yew!!! sorry its been so long forgive me! :)

anyways theres the next chapter, let me know what you think :)



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