In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


22. Worried

~**~ Harrys POV ~**~

Stella and I walk into my apartment and I can tell somethings up. This girl is a bad liar and she knows it. Is she worried about something? Shes been to my place plenty of times? whys this time any different?

I walk ahead of Stella into the kitchen to put down my wallet and keys on the table. I look behind me to find Stella standing in the middle of the lounge room just looking round the room. Shes seen the loungeroom plenty of times? whats wrong?

I walk over to Stella and she doesn't make eye contact with me, now im worried.

"Stel?, Babe? look at me please?" I ask as nice as I could

Stellas doesn't look up

"babe?" I say as I put my finger under her chin, lifting her head too face me.

"please tell me whats wrong?" I ask, worried

"its nothing, lets just watch a movie" she says, I can tell shes a little tense so I give in and decide to watch a movie with her.

"did you wanna have a shower while I set up the movie?" I ask

"um yea, I don't have anything to wear though, only my prom dress" she asks awkwardly looking at the floor.

"ill grab you something to wear" I say smiling at her and giving her a kiss on the cheek

I walk into my room and head towards my closet, I search through my draws looking for the smallest pair of track pants I had. I found a pair, which were still going to be huge on her. I pick out a shirt and walk back out to stella and find her still standing in the same spot. Seeing her like this is killing me, shes worried about something and she wont open up to me. I walk over to the cupboard and grab her out a towel and put everything in a neat pile in the bathroom.

"Here you go baby girl" I say smiling at her

"thanx" she said quietly

"babe?" I ask

she looks up at me innocently

"you know you can tell me anything right?" I ask her and she just nods.

I smile and give her a kiss on the cheek and leaving her to have her shower.


~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

I just sat on the bathtub for what felt like hours...thinking. Hes so worried about me, and I want to open up to him...but I don't want disappoint him...

I decided to have my shower and maybe ill know what to do when im done. After I was finished having my deep thoughts while showering I stepped out and dried off. I looked at the clothes which Harry had set out for me, they were his. I slipped on the track pants and they were really long and big round the waist of my small figure but they were comfortable. I slipped on the shirt which Harry left for me which was also huge on me but once again comfortable. I looked into the mirror and took out my hair which was still prettied up from prom then opened the bathroom door to face Harry.

I walk down the hallway to find Harry already sitting on the lounge with the movie paused right at the beginning. Harry had put on "remember me" one of my favourite movies. I walked over to the lounge and sat down with atleast rulers length between us. I looked at the tv and felt 2 hands wrap round my waist and drag me across the lounge and pulled me into him. I lied my head on Harrys chest and cuddled right up close to him as the movie started.

"your favourite right?" harry asked

"yea" I said smiling for the first time since I got to Harrys

"theres that gorgous smile I have been waiting too see tonight" he said smiling down at me, in which I smiled back

About half way through the movie I felt Harrys hand which was on my waist slowly move lower down my side. I jumped and sat up quickly, after all my thoughts on tonight, even the littlest sign of what I thought would happen would freak me out.

"babe whats wrong?" he asked confused

"nothing, its ok" I replied, I stood up and began to exit the room

"where are you going?" Harry asked still so confused

"getting a drink, ill be 2 seconds" I replied quickly leaving the room

I sat on the kitchen floor and took deep breathes. Who says that was what Harry was trying to do? am I over reacting?

"Stel? you ok out there?!" Harry yelled from the other room.

I sighed and stood up and walked back out the Harry and sat down back where I had first sat down, rulers length away from Harry.

"baby worried about you. Have I done something wrong?" Harry asked worried

"im sorry" I said and looked down

"babe, what are you sorry about?" he asked

"Im sorry for not opening up to you" I said, I can feel the tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

"you can open up now, please? you can tell me anything" he said grabbing my hands in his

"I was just worried about..tonight" I said looking down at our hands

"what about tonight?" he asked

"This is the first time I have slept at you house...and when a girl and a guy have a sleep over....stuff....happens...and" I said not making eye contact and began to have tears fall down my cheeks

"aw babe, that doesn't have to happen at all until your ready" Harry replied pulling me into a hug.

"but...I didn't wanna disappoint you" I said still crying

"babe, you could never do that, im fine with waiting, please done cry" Harry said whipping away my tears.

"Now no more tears ok?" Harry said smiling

I nodded and hugged Harry again

"how about we just go to bed and we can watch the rest of the movie tomorrow?" harry suggested

I nodded once again.

"where am I sleeping?" I asked

"in my bed, I wouldn't let you sleep anywhere else" Harry said smiling

"oh ok" I replied

"I can sleep on the lounge if you don't wanna sleep in the same bed as me yet, I understand?" harry suggested

"no no its fine" I reply following Harry to his room.

Harry took off his shirt and got into bed and pulled back the covers and patted the bed beside him smiling reassuringly. I smiled back and slowly got into the bed and lied down as Harry pulled the covers over me. I lied my head on the pillow laying on my side facing away from Harry. Not long after, I felt Harry put his arms around my waist and pull me close to him. His body was right up against me, it was...nice. I loved being able to feel harrys warmth and having him cuddle me.

"goodnight baby girl" Harry said, leaning over and kissing me goodnight

"goodnight" I replied smiling to myself.

It wasn't long before I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, cuddled right up into Harry.






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