In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


29. Whats So Funny

~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

My eyes fluttered open and i realised i was in Harrys bed, I smiled to myself. Then it hit me, the headache, the nausea, i felt horrible. What was wrong with me... I thought to myself as I layed there afraid to move incase i threw up. I felt arms wrap round my waist and lean over me.

"Goodmorning drunky" A deep voice said with a chuckle

I just groaned and turned onto my stomache with my head in my pillow. I hear Harry laugh at me and begin to tell me all about last night and things I did, said and  whatever else came to mind. I just sat there not really listening as I was trying to control my need to throw up. Harry was rubbing my back trying to make me feel better once he realised I felt nausous. 

"whats wrong with me.." i groaned into the pillow

"its called a hangover darl'n, thats what happens when you drink as much as you did last night" he explained

Just as Harry finished, I shot up outta bed, scaring Harry as I ran into the bathroom and lent over the sink and let everything out. I had already apparently thrown up last night but looks like i wasnt finished. It wasnt long before I heard footsteps quickly coming up the hallway to my assistance. Harry grabbed my hair and held it back again, rubbing my back. Im never drinking again...

"let it out baby" he said softly

I just continued to be sick into the sink, i was wondering when it was going to end...I finally stopped being sick and collapsed, until a pair of strong arms grabbed my waist pulling me back up. Harry just stood there holding me up for about 10 mins, not wanting to leave the bathroom incase I was sick again. After he realised I was finished he turned me round the face him and I was really weak so I could barly stand. He put my arms round his neck and lent down and picked me up by my thighs wrapping my legs round his waist like a little kid. He carried me back to bed and laid me back down carfully. As soon as my body hit the bed the headache hit again, 10x worse from me being sick. 

"get some more sleep baby, it will help" he said as he sat down on the end of the bed rubbing my side trying to comfort me. 

"lay with me" i said quietly

"whats that babe?" he said barly being able to hear what i said

"lay with me" i said a little louder this time, Harry had lent in to hear me better by now

"ok sweetie, until you fall asleep, then im going to get you something to make you feel better ok?" he said as he laid in bed next to me and cuddle me close

"thankyou" i said quietly


~**~ Harrys POV ~**~

I watched as she slowly fell asleep, I removed my arm from under her fragile body trying my best not to wake her. I got up outta bed and walked out into the kitchen to make her breakfast, a hot breakfast, the best breakfast for a hangover. I was still topless with only track pants on while cooking her breakfast. I soon heard tiny little foot steps coming up the hallway, I then heard a small voice and i knew it was my little stel.

"harry..." she said quietly as she just stood in the doorway

"aw baby, you look terrible" i said as i pulled her into a hug 

"...thanx" she mumbled into my chest

"but your still beautiful to me" i said as i kissed the top of her head

I noticed she had changed into my clothes, she was just wearing one of my over sized jumpers which was practically a dress on her. To be honest, she looked damn good in my clothes, better than I did. If it was up to me, she would wear my clothes all the time. I chuckled to myself at the thought.

"what?" she mumbled into my chest again

"nothing baby, nothing" i said smiling

"I made you breakfast" i continued

"thanx" she said as she pulled away from me walking over to the side counter and sitting on a stool. 

"but first, take this" i said as I handed her a glass of water and 2 panadol

"ok" she replied, she obviously wasnt up for much talking this morning

Once she downed the 2 tablets I put a plate of food infront of her and handed her a knife and fork. She quietly thanked me. 

"did you want a coffee or tea or juice or something" i said as I was looking through the fridge

"juice is fine thankyou" she replied

I handed her a glass of juice and brushed a fallen strand of hair out of her face. Her make up was still all smudged since she didnt get to take it off last night and her hair wasnt done which usually would have bothered her but this morning she didnt care at all and to me she looked as beautiful as ever. 

"I was thinking about just having a lazy day today" i said to her as i ate a piece of bacon

"i agree" she said as she layed her head on the table

I just chuckled at her.

"whats so funny" she asked

"nothing baby, your just funny hungover" i said as I brushed my hand through her hair. 

"I love it when you play with my hair" she said quietly

I just smiled

After breakfast we decided to have a day in bed and watch movies, Stella got in after me and cuddled up to my chest. I put my arm round her and gentle started playing with her hair. 



heyy guys :) i know i know i havnt updated in a while, i have been busy busy busy haha anyways im starting a new fanfic which is a stupid idea cause i barly have time to update these ones, anyways. Im thinking of either a styles triplet one or styles twins or mabye a fanfic about a girl who gets abused at home and then meets a guy and such, you get the picture. anyways what do you think? which would you like??? let me know in the comments. BTW feedback is appreciated. 

let me know what you think of this chapter :) I hope you liked it


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