In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


28. What No One Knows Wont Hurt Them

~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

"What are you doing here?!" i yell, trying to talk over the speakers

"My friend brought me along with him, plus i knew you were going to be here, and i can finally meet this Harry guy, where is he by the way?" he asked

"ill introduce you" i say a little hestitant

I walk over to Harry who was talking with a bunch of guys over in the kitchen which they chugged down their beers. Harry looked up and saw me coming over and smiled, then he realised who i had with me and his face dropped. 

"hey gorgeous" he said smiling, but not taking his eyes off cameron. 

"hey" i say hugging him. He hugged me tighter than usual, hes obviously not over our little issue completly, but atleast hes trying. 

"this is cameron" i say gesturing to cameron who was still looking at Harry

"hey mate" cameron says smirking and holding his hand out to shake Harrys

"hey" Harry said, obviously not pleased. 

I put my hand on Harrys arm, giving him some reassurance. Harrys stare finally broke as he looked down at me and smiled. 

"would you like a drink Stel?" Harry offered

"umm im not old enough yet" I say hesitant

"What no one knows wont hurt them" he said winking at me. 

I think for a second. My parents would kill me if they found out. 

"come on stel, have a good time" he said smirking. 

"I will" i said

"this will make it 10 times better trust me" he said smirking again

"i guess so" i said as Harry walked away to make me a drink

He came back with a red plastic cup, filled to the top with a orange liquid. I took the cup and looked up at Harry who nodded for me to have some.

I take a sip. 

"what is it?" I ask

"vodka and orange juice" he said smirking knowing I liked the drink

"tastes good" i said as I took another mouthful

"wooow slow down missy, or you will be on the floor before you know it" he said chuckling and messing up my hair.

I glared at him for messing up my hair but continued my drink. I walked away and back over to some others. Cameron is over in the corner hooking up with some random girl, doesnt surprise me. 

"hey!" someone calls out from behind me

I turn round to see a group of guys and girls looking at me. 

"come over and do some boat races with us!!!" one of the guys yellled out.

I had no idea what boat races were but I walked over, I wanted to look like fun. I got there and they explained the game to me. We get into 2 lines and go down the line finishing our drinks one after the other. First line to finish wins. Im on the girls team and am at the end of the line. 

"3..2...1...GO!" Said the guy at the front

I watched the first 2 people chug down their drinks, then the next and the next until it got to the person before me. I waited for her to finish, our groups were tying. The girl before me was almost finished so I brought the drink to my lips ready to go. Then she finished and i started chugging my drink down. The guy opposite me was also chugging down his, we were still tying then I finished my drink and put the cup on my head and pulled a face at him so that he knew i had won. My whole team cheered and then one of the girls look my cup and came back with it filled to the brim again. 

"again?" said one of the guys

"lets go!!!" i yelled

After about 3 boat races I began to feel the effects of the alcohol. I was stumbling a bit and my vision was a little blurred but I was still ok. I "walked" over to Harry who i saw talking to a group of guys near the side table. I got to his side and the alcohol hit me propally and i fell onto Harry. 

"woooow how much have you had missy" he said chuckling. His hand was fastened to my side holding me up so I wouldnt fall. 

"a litttttle" I said then giggled having no idea what I was on about. 

"aww baby, your smashed" he said chuckling

I stood up from Harrys grip and held onto the side table making my way back to the kitchen to make myself another drink. I could feel Harrys eyes on my the whole time to make sure I didnt fall over and actually made it to the kitchen. I made another drink and looked round to see where I wanted to go. I saw a group of people who I did boat races with over my the speakers so I ran over and started dancing with them, I was having the time of my life. I watched 1 of the girls walk over and get up on the kitchen table and I wanted to as well so I followed. I walked over to the table and I feel some ones hands on my hips.

"want a lift up there" Cameron said smirking, he knew i was smashed. 

I nod and he lifts me up onto the table and start dancing with the girl again to the beat of the music. Soon enough we had a audience watching us dance. I watched all the people dancing under us on the ground as we were on the table but no Harry. Then I look up and see Harry up the back just watching me and chuckling at how fun I was having and how smashed I was. 

I was singing along to the song as I danced, by this time, Harry had made his way towards the front of the group of people. He danced along to the song as well but also keeping a close eye on me. I walked forward trying to get down off the table and dance with Harry but I tripped and fell off the table. 2 stong arms caught me before I hit the ground and picked me up holding me close. Harry. 

He lent forward and whispered something in my ear. 

"you ok baby?" he whispered smirking

"mhmm" i said giggling 

Harry held me close as we danced to the music. His hands holding my hips tightly and my arms round his neck. The rest of the night consisted of us dancing together as people slowly left the party. It was getting quite late, as Harry said goodbye to his last guest.


~**~ Harrys POV ~**~

I turned round to look for Stella, she was still smashed. I was looking through the lounge room when I heard a giggle from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen to find Stella trying to make herself another drink. I walk over to her and take the drink away from her. 

"you have had enough baby" I said chuckling at her

I looked down at Stel to see her sticking her tongue out at me. 

"your so cute drunk" I said chuckling. 

Stella cuddled into my chest, the tiredness is kicking in. 

"come on baby, come sit down" I said as I took her side to walk her over to the lounge. Stella then quickly pulled out of my grip and ran over to the sink and began to be sick. 

"oh shit" i said as I ran over to her and held her hair back. 

I slowly rubbed her back as she let everything out. I should have stopped her drinking after she had had a few. After a while she stopped being sick and wasted her mouth out with water. I felt her body go weak and her legs gave way, as she collapsed into my arms. 

"come on baby, come lye down and ill get you a bucket ok" i said as I tried to convince her

she shood her head. I slowly realised she cant even walk over. 

"looks like im gunna have to carry you" i said picking her up bridal style. 

I carried her over to the lounge and layed her down as I walked away to get her a bucket in case she was sick again. By the time I had gotten back I looked down at her on the lounge and she was fast asleep. Atleast I knew she was asleep instead of being sick. I walked over and picked her up again bridal style and carried her to bed. She needed to just sleep. I placed her down on the bed and tucked her in, as I got in next to her. I pulled her in close to me as she cuddled into my chest. On the plus side, Stel had an amazing time tonight, but on the negative side....This girl was going to have the biggest hangover in the morning...


Heyy guys, so theres the new chapter. I had a spare moment so I decided to update for you. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. Feedback would be great!!!




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