In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


24. One Chance

~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

My body froze, what is he doing here?! He was out of my life ages ago, and I refused to let him back in.

"come on down Stel" mum says to me

shit I have to come down now...Since I had gotten back upstairs I had changed into short shorts and a black tank top, I have let me hair drop down, it still being curled from the prom. Honestly if I do say so myself, I looked really cute. I slowly made my way down the stairs, dreading every step.

He looked straight at me and winked. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen after saying hello to his parents.

"hey stel" he said

"hi" I reply and keep walking

His name is Cameron. Cameron was an old 'boyfriend' of mine. We were never actually together, he forced me to be with him. I know what your thinking, why didn't you just tell him to get lost? but that wasn't possible. He had something...something which he could hold against me...So I did it...I was his 'girlfriend'.

We all sat down for dinner and I was sat across from Cameron. I felt his eyes on my all through dinner. I just wanted give him what he deserves...I good old yelling at. But I was never game to go that. Once dinner was over I excused myself and asked if I was able to go back to my room as I had homework. Mum and dad agreed and I left the table. I walked up the stairs and back into my room, I turned on my music and put my headphones in. I turned the music on full ball so that I could forget about everything. I just sat there on my phone texting Harry, he was out with his friends tonight, so I didn't wanna ruin his night with me complaining about my night. Ill tell him tomorrow. I don't hear the door open but I see it opening which makes me jump. I look up to see Cameron standing slightly inside the door, almost afraid to enter. I just look back at my phone, ignoring his presence, hoping he would go away maybe. But he's still stubborn old Cameron, doesn't give up. I sigh and look up and rip out a headphone.

"can I help you?" I say bluntly

"umm...I just wanted to talk to you" he says

"well theres nothing to talk about" I say looking back at my phone and putting my headphone back in

I feel someone sit on my bed at my feet, I look up too see Cameron sitting on my bed.

"Who said you could come in?" I say rudely.

Cameron reached over and ripped out one of my headphones so I could hear him.

"can we just talk please?" he asks

"what the hell do you wanna talk about" I say raising my voice a bit.

"I wanna tell you that im different now, and I have changed. Im not the prick of a guy I use to be...I want us to be friends...atleast friends please?" he asks looking right through my eyes

"what makes you think im gunna agree to that after what you did" I say bluntly

"cause your a really nice give people chances, I knew you for ages Stel, I know what kind of person you are" he says looking in my eyes still

"don't call me stel" I say

"sorry... Stella please... at least give me a chance.." he says looking down

he genuinely looked sorry, should I give him a chance? I ask myself

"give me one reason" I ask

"because your an amazing girl, I wanna get to know you for you how you are now. I wanna catch up and see how you have been, and be able to just hang out as friends, no more" he says politely.

I stay silent for a bit, his eyes burning into mine

"one chance!" I yell

"Thankyou Stel, I mean Stella. It means a lot." He says leaning in to hug me

I pull away

"don't even try" I say and put my headphone back in

He knew I was still not happy with him. like who wouldn't be after what he did. I feel my phone vibrate and see it light up, as does Cameron. He sees the name on the screen "Harryxx"

"whos Harry" he says since I took out my headphone.

"non of your business" I say rudely

"is he your boyfriend" he asks

"what did I just say?"

"that's a yes, ok ill stop, just trying to get to know you still and whats going on in your life" he says

As the night continued we decided to cut the tension, we would watch a movie. We both agreed on the hunger games, one of my favourites. The movie finished and we began small talk which eventually turned into Cameron breaking the ice and making me laugh.

"god I missed that laugh of yours" he sais smiling

I smile back.

What harm could it do?  we are only friends right.

It came to the time when Cameron had to leave, so we said our goodbyes, but just before he left.

"do you wanna hang out tomorrow? " he asks

"yes I guess" I say

"ok ill see you tomorrow then, goodnight stel" he said sweetly before leaving.

Im giving this boy a chance to prove hes changed...and he better not ruin it...

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