In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


16. My Girl

~**~ Harrys POV ~**~

I wake up slowly, sitting up and stretching my arms behind my head. I sit there for a moment, waiting for my body to wake up, I look over to my phone which is sitting next to my bed and check for messages and the time. I see that its 7:05...

"shit!" I say as I shoot out of bed and run to the bathroom to shower.

I knew I should have set an alarm, but no I had to be my stubborn self and leave it thinking I would wake up on time. After my shower I jog into my room and quickly pick out a suitable outfit for today, since its a school day and you know, that means I gotta teach. Black skinny jeans, white V neck shirt and a navy blue blazer will do. I forget about breakfast and grab my keys and head straight to the car and drive to Stellas.

Its 7:30 when I pull up out the front of Stellas and I can see shes already standing out the front of her house. Maroon skinny jeans and a brown light jumper which looked too big on her, but that made it cute. It was freezing outside, I felt bad for leaving her out here so long. She started walking to my car with a smirk plastered along her face, what could that little girl be thinking.


~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

I stand here at my door step waiting for Harry. As I thought, didn't make it for 7am, that boy needs to learn about alarms, either that or get over his stubborn attitude to actual set one. Im just kidding but he never sets alarms, that's why hes always late when he sets a time to be somewhere.

He pulls up out the front of my house at 7:30am. A smirk immediately plasters along my face, knowing I was right about him being late. His face is confused, probally wondering why. I open the car door to his car and hop into the passanger seat.

"morning" I say innocently, with a smile on my face.

"I am so sorry!" he says quickly almost cutting my off.

"its ok, I like standing out in the cold" I say joking

"not making me feel much better" he says in return

I laugh

"sorry, I had to say it" I say smiling and laughing a little more as I grab for his hand.

He tightens his grip on my hand, forgiving me.

"so we going back to yours or what?" I ask

"of course beautiful" he says with a smile as he takes off down the road.

"so u still not gunna tell me what your dress looks like?" he asks, obviously knowing the answer

"no way in hell" I say smiling

"why not!!" he whines and puts on his childish grumpy face

I laugh and caress his cheek

"aww poor baby, u will see tomorrow night" I say

"fine.." he says still grumpy

We pull into his apartment and take the elevator up. I walk in his front door which was politly being held open by the lovely gentleman. I thank him and walk into the lounge room and sit down. Im still cold from sitting outside in the cold waiting for Harry and I think he could tell cause he disappears into one of the back rooms of his apartment.


~**~ Harry POV ~**~

I could tell that Stella was freezing, I left the poor girl out in the cold for an extra half an hour than she would have. After she takes a seat in the lounge room I walk to the back of my apartment and into my room and rummage through my clothes pulling out one of my jumpers. The jumper she was wearing was only thin and wasn't very warm, and the cold breeze outside wasn't exactly greeting.

I walk back to the loungeroom and see Stella walking round looking at the photos I had on my shelves. She was facing away from me, so I walk up behind her and slide my jumper over her shoulders. I grab her right wrist and help her arm into the jumper along with the other arm. Once she had my jumper on propally, Stella turned round to face me and smiled that cute smile that I love so much.

I reached my arms out around her waist and pull her in close to my body, no space between out bodies apart from our faces. I grab her chin and make her look into my eyes and slowly lean into her. Our lips met and moved insinc. I tighted my grip on her waist removing the space that wasn't there. I loved having her close to me, I felt the need to protect her, keep her safe. After a few minutes, we pulled away from eachother and she rested her head on my chest, I didn't want this moment to end. This was one of those times that you wanted to freeze time, but you know, that's not possible.

I asked her whether she would like some hot chocolate or anything. She declined saying that she had to get to school, I looked at the clock realizing it was 8:20am and school started at 9am.

"yeah you should, don't want detention do we?" I say with a smirk

I notice Stella slowly begin to remove my jumper.

"what are you doing?" I ask

"Im giving you your jumper back? thankyou by the way" she replies

"keep it on, you'll need it" I say with a smile

"thanx" she smiles innocently at me.

We both leave my apartment together and I give her a quick kiss on the cheek before heading to our cars. I watch her pull out of my carpark and drive down the road, giving her a little wave. I waited 10 minutes before leaving aswell, so that we didn't arrive at the same time. I just want the day to go fast so that I can have my class with my girl.














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