In Love With My Teacher ( Harry Styles Fanfic)

Stella is your typical highschool student in her senior year. Her schooling is almost straight A's, that is until she gets her new Maths teacher, Mr Styles. Will love pull through? or will his job and her schooling be put first?


27. Harry!!

~**~ Stellas POV ~**~

I woke up the next morning happy to have made up with Harry yesterday. I cant stand fighting with him, especially over something which wasn't even true. Although, I regret not telling him about my and Cameron's past, and what happened.

I get out of bed and I look at the clock, its 11am, wow I slept in heaps today. I go into the bathroom and have a shower, wanting to freshen up and wake up as I was still half asleep. I come out wrapped in a towel when I see someone sitting on my bed. A guy. Cameron

"what are you doing here?!" I yell holding my towel round me tighter and hiding behind the bathroom door.

"your mum said you were upstairs and that I could come up and see you, my mums here having coffee with your mum. and babe, you don't need to hide behind the door, its not like I havn't seen it all before" he said

"can you please just go outside at least while I get changed" I say looking down, remembering

"get changed in the bathroom if you must, I don't wanna stand awkwardly outside your bedroom door on my own" he said

I groaned

"fine, can you throw me that summer dress which is hanging in my cupboard" I say, pointing to it

"yea sure" he said grabbing it and bringing it over

"...thanx" I say as I shut the door and lock it

"do you really not trust me that much anymore to think I would try and open it" he said chuckling

I just stand there frozen, I don't reply.

I finish getting ready and step out of the bathroom in my new summer dress.

"I have changed, I told you that, I thought we went over this" he says to me

"I know...give me time..." I say quietly

I walk over to my mirror and brush my hair through and do my everyday makeup. I look in the mirror behind me to see Cameron still sitting on my bed watching what im doing

"oh by the way, you have a message from Harry" he says grabbing my phone

"you looked at my phone?" I say glaring at him

"no no it came through while you were in the bathroom, I only looked cause the screen flashed and I saw the name" he said protecting himself

"..ok" I say as I walk over and grab my phone reading the message.


heyy baby, im having a party at my house tonight, you can come if you want :) xxx



I smile to myself getting excited


definetly xx



I put my phone down and smile to myself.

"what did he say that's got you so happy huh?" he said smirking

"nothing" I said smiling

Cameron and I have slowly begun to get to a point where im starting to trust him again. Tonight should be able to relax me though, get my mind off everything. On top of that, I get to see Harry.

It came time for Cameron to have to leave, we said our goodbyes and as uncomfortable as it was I hugged him goodbye.

I then raced upstairs to work out what im wearing tonight. I wanted to look good for Harry. He has never seen me when im fully dressed up for a party, only in my formal dress and normal clothes and well...his clothes. I look through my cupboards and find a tight black dress, I knew that was it. It was now 4pm when Cameron had to leave and the party started at 7pm, I had 3 hours to get ready and I was gunna make the most of it. I take another shower, Im a bit of a clean freak. I wash my hair so that it was fresh and soft for tonight. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in my towel again and walked into my bedroom making sure that I was alone I dried myself off and slipped into my tight black dress. It fit my curved perfectly and showed off my body features. The dress was a strapless so it showed off my shoulders more than any other dress of mine.

I blow dry my hair in the mirror then straighten to making sure not to frizz it up. That's one thing about my hair which annoys me. I was eventually happy with my hair and sat down to do my makeup, smokey eye sounded like a plan. I finished off with eyeliner and mascara and was set. I slipped into my black pumps and grabbed my phone off my bed. I was ready.

I walked downstairs and said goodbye to my parents and said I would stay at a friends place afterwards which they were fine with. As far as they knew, I was going to a friends birthday party. I stepped outside into the cold night air and shivered, it was freezing. I hailed a taxi which stopped immediately and I told him Harrys address.

I arrived and looked up to his apartment, I could hear the music pounding and it only got my addrenalin running more. I paid to taxi driver and got out of the taxi. I knocked on the front door and heard footsteps running to the door. The door swung open to reveal Harry with a beer in his hand, he was obviously drinking tonight. He was wearing black skinners and a white v neck shirt with his necklace dangling onto his chest. I was waiting for atleast a hug but Harry was frozen, and lets just say his eyes weren't on mine, they were on my body.

"Harry" I say smirking

His eyes shoot up

"eyes are up here"

"yea but your hot body is down there!" he said moving his eyes back down

"harry!!!" I say laughing and slightly pushing him

"you look amazing Stel" he said smiling and chuckling

"thankyou" I say giving him a hug and entering his apartment.

The music was pounding through my body already and all I wanted to do was dance. I ran over to where everyone else was dancing near the speaker and joined in. I was dancing there for a while before I realized that a guy was grinding me from behind, I turned round to dance with him when I froze in shock.

"Cameron!" I yell

"Hey Stel!" he yelled back


heyy guys :) sorry this chapter isn't that great im REALLY sick atm, like REALLY sick. So I have only been just getting better today sorry :( otherwise I would have updated more lately. I had to cancel work and everything :(

anyways, what do you all think will happen ;) I already know what I want to happen but I want you opinion on what you think should or you think will happen :)

let me know how you think the fanfic is going too btw :)


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