Change in Heart

Rachel thought she was in love with Harry, but then she met Zayn and Niall. SHe had fallen for Harry until her heart changed for others. To make matters worse they were all staying at her Flat for the summer so she saw them all every day. will her heart ever make u its decision or will she have to fight it every second of the day?


1. My Best Friends Boyfriend, and Authors Note

Ok well first off this is my very first story ever in my life so just a heads up its not going to be perfect. Also i was never good a English so if i spell anything wrong, thank god for spell check, I'm sorry. I don't really know what else to say so here goes nothing please read and tell your friends.




Chapter 1: My Best Friends Boyfriend

We both leaned in closer and closer until his lips brushed against mine. A shiver ran down my spine and I closed my eyes hoping this moment would never end.


my eyes shot open to see who was possibly brave enough to jump on me interrupting my deep and peaceful slumber. I looked up to see a very excited Eleanor grinning back at me sitting on my stomach.

"El!", I screamed. She has been my best friend since freshmen year of High School. Once we graduated we decided to move into a flat together. since we both made pretty good money we had a pretty descent size house, you know for just having two girls living in it. It was a four Bedroom three Bathroom Flat and two stories high. We had a huge walk in closet and a massive bathroom joining our rooms, which we were both totally fine with due to the fact that if we wanted to barrow each others clothes we just walked into the closet and took what we wanted. We had two more bedrooms upstairs, one on each end of the hall,another bathroom upstairs and also one downstairs. El is a Model for Hollister and she was called in to a shooting in Los Angeles, California. which explains why i haven't seen here all summer, because we live in London.

"Hey Ra!!", El exclaimed as she leaned down and gave me a hug.

"El, how was your trip, howd the shoot go?", i asked excitedly

"Well its a long story and i need to tell you alla bout it, so go get cleaned up and dressed and and we will talk about it over a cup of coffee." She basically ordered. With that she jumped off my bed and walked out of the room, leaving me confused, half asleep, and laying in my bed.

i was overly excited to hear about her trip so i obidiantly got out of bed and tok a shower. When i was done i strolled over to our closet and decided to ogo with a comfy look so i threw on some Hollister Boot cut jeans a light gray hoodie.I braided my dirty blonde colored hair over my right shoulder while it was wet, so it would be wavy later. I lightly put on some eyshadow and mascara, grabbed my white Vans, and headed down stairs. Once  I reached the bottom i heard El talking to someone but i could only hear half the conversation. I walked into the Kitchen where I heard her and realised she was on the phone. She looked up and smiled when she saw me.

"Babe I have to go, yea shes ready. Ok Ill see you later, love you too, Bye", she ended the phone call and put the phone on the island, a bar like counter seperating the kitchen from the dining room, my ears perked up and my eyes widened when i heard the words, "Babe, and I love you too."

"who was that?", I asked with a mischevious look on my face. Her expression suddenly turned serious.

"You might want to sit down for this.", she slowly said. I hesitantly sat down in the high stool next to her. She turned and looked at me, she opened her mouth and said, "I'm Dating Louis Tomlinson."




OK well here it is my Very first chapter, please tell me how it is and what i can do to imrove on my story skills. lol Thanks Guys!


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