Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


6. Tess' and Harry's Date (Excerpt from Chapter 5)

 Tess’ P.O.V

     Everything in the world was amazing that night, the stars, the moon, and our date.  I dressed in a nice formal dress, out of like what 12 dresses my mum had bought me. She loved seeing me dressed nicely because, well, I was a lady.  If she saw Kate, she’d probably smack her with a stick, so she’d stop slouching, wear dresses, sit properly, and eat politely.  I zipped up the back of my white strapless dress.  My mum also believed in elegance, so she hated it when I asked her if I could buy a short skirt or dress.  The dress was a nice silky black and flowed to my ankles.  I let my hair down and it naturally curled by itself as it bounced onto my shoulders.  I hummed while I put on mascara and curled my eyelashes.  Kate suggested, “Put on your black high heels; the ones that have the sexy strap.  Didn’t guys think that your ankles look hot when you wore those?”  I looked up at her bunk to see her smiling her innocent smile.  She looked so innocent, but she was as dirty minded as I was.  I wore those heels as she commanded.  I put on dark red lipstick and I looked like a vampire who just wiped her lips with dark blood.  I washed off the cute little hearts that Ashley and Irene had drew on my fingers the night before.  I painted all my nails with a dark red to match my lipstick.  I sat there on the floor, humming to myself for 15 minutes, waiting for my nail polish to dry.  Once it dried, I wore diamond dangle earrings and a sterling silver necklace with only a small jewel in the center.  Harry knocked on my door, not saying anything.  I tucked my hair behind one ear and opened the door. He looked at me with wide eyes.  His eyes scanned me from head to toe.  I smiled and hooked my arm around his, “Let’s go.”  I held my clutch just in case we need to take a taxi or something back to the ferry.  Harry insisted on paying before we even got in the restaurant.  He pulled out the seat for me, such a gentleman.  He sat down facing me and ordered champagne. I’m not even old enough to drink.  I stopped him, “I’ll just have apple cider.”  Harry followed along and canceled the champagne.  I ordered crab cakes as my appetizer, fettuccini as my main course, and for desert, cheesecake.  Harry ordered shrimp cocktail for the appetizer, grilled salmon for the main course, and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  He closed his menu and handed it to the waiter, “You have a very good taste, Tess.” I smiled, “I learned from Kate.”  I crossed my leg and rubbed his leg with my foot.  He smiled, “So, how’s your family back home?”  I replied, “Well, my mum, my brother, and my dad are doing quite well.”  He nodded, “Is your brother older or younger than you?”  I simply answered, “Older.  He’s really protective. That’s why I rarely have many boyfriends.”  Harry probably thinks of me as a fling and I was fine about that.  I wasn’t head over heels for him.  He nodded and I saw the gleam in his eyes fade. Wait, he actually likes me? Oh no, this is bad, really bad. I can’t let him like me; do you know how bad this is?!?  I thought he would look at me like I was a fling, but he didn’t.  Jeremy back at home was going to ask me to prom and we were going to be together forever. He can’t like me!  One Direction’s superstar Harry Styles is in love with Tess Burgundy.  Will this relationship last? I could hear the paparazzi crowding over us now.  Harry drank a sip of his apple cider and our appetizers arrived.  After a long night, we headed back onto the ferry where both of us sat side-by-side and looked at the moon that reflected onto the dark sea.  Both of us stood up and looked at the stars.  Harry continued to stare as I looked at him in awe.  He looked so handsome and I was a wreck.  The moonlight shone onto his beautiful pale skin with ease, making him look better than ever.  I think I’m in love.  Tess, snap out of it. I can’t be in love with a fling.  He probably has a girlfriend back where ever he was touring.  He looked down back at my eyes and for a moment, we were speaking with our eyes.  Harry took my hand and we started to slow-dance without any music.  At the end of the dance, Harry tightened his grip around my waist and pulled me closer to him.  Our bodies were touching and our faces were millimeters away.  He bent in and kissed me.  I felt sparks light up my heart after he backed away.  When I got back that night, I couldn’t help, but look up Harry’s girlfriend on the laptop.  When I found out it was Taylor Swift, my heart sunk. I couldn’t believe it. A girl like her with a sweetheart like Harry. I couldn’t stand a chance.  Well, I guess I AM just a fling.             

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