Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


11. Over Again

Kate’s POV

    It was probably the fact that summer went by too fast, or the fact that I lost my best friend just because I was fighting on my boyfriend’s side.  Harry didn’t seem to care and I think that’s what upset her more.  What upset me was the day we were packing our bags and leaving camp.  Niall was smiling, dragging his luggage and carry-on.  I didn’t really see what was to be happy for.  I loved Niall, and I was happy when he was, but just this time, I was sad that I was leaving camp.  All the memories I had.  And it feels as though I’m never coming back.  My mom was waiting for us at the beach after we rode on the ferry to the other side.  Niall held my hand as our fingers entwined.  I rubbed my cheek against his shoulder as he kissed the back of my hand.  The sun shone on his hair and made it look like shining gold.  When we finally arrived, my mom was waiting to pick me up.  She came in her van and Sydney wasn’t there.  I sat shotgun, “Mum, where’s Sydney?”  She started the engine, “At home.”  Niall tapped on my window and I rolled it down.  He asked in the politest tone he could, “Could we ride along with you?  Please?  But if you don’t want us to, we could walk back to our hotel in Tennessee.”  I brightened, “You guys have a hotel in Tennessee?”  He nodded, “Well, yeah. We rented a room.”  Louis sighed in annoyance, “Could we ride with you or not?”  I turned to my mom.  She nodded as I opened the sliding door.  They all climbed in and threw their luggage in the back.  “Thank you, Mrs. Hanson!”  They all said in unison.  She nodded and smiled, “I like these guys, and you should hang out with them more than your Goth friends.”  I sighed, “They aren’t Goth, mum!”  She laughed as she turned around the block, “Yeah, yeah.”  I had only a couple of girl friends and probably Sade was my only guy friend, but now I have 5 more. Louis looked at the back of my mom’s seat, “What’s this? A magazine?  Hey, look, we’re on the cover!  Take a 1D love quiz?  Oh, boy!”  I snatched it out of his hand and held it tightly against my chest, “Don’t touch that.”  Zayn held another up, “I found another one!”  I sighed and took it from him.  My sister, Sydney and I spent all our time over the years, trashing the back seats with our magazines.  Niall tapped my shoulder, “Could I see one?”  I handed him one without realizing what I did.  Louis complained, “SO YOU GIVE HIM ONE AND NOT ME?!? Sis, I thought we were close.”  He said while rolling his eyes.  I handed him one too to shut him up.  My mom dropped us off at the airport and while we were sitting there, the guys were crowding over the five magazines I found.  Niall looked at one, “HARRY?  You’re match is HARRY?”  I laughed, “My lil’ sis did that one. Two of the magazines are mine.  The rest are hers.  There are more at home, but I think you guys have a concert to attend to tonight, so you guys won’t come over for dinner.”  He shook his head, “Our tour doesn’t start till November.  We have plenty of time, babe.”  I smiled, “Great. How does next week sound?”  Louis answered for him, “Perfect.  Could I bring Eleanor over?”  I nodded, “The more the merrier.  I bet my parents would be happy that I’m bringing non-gothic friends over for dinner. I never do such a sort.”  Louis joked, “Zayn’s gothic.”  I sarcastically defended, “Ha-ha.”  Niall kissed my forehead and continued reading.  He got to the page where Sydney and I stuffed a random page we practiced our signatures on.  There were random scribbles of: Sydney Hanson, Kate Hanson, Sydney Styles, Kate Horan, Katrina Jo Hanson, Sandra Jo Hanson, and just massive scribbles of Sydney and Kate.  Niall looked at all of my signatures, “And this was all before I met you?”  I blushed, “Yeah…”  He smiled, “You were surprised when you found out we were in a boy-band.”  I laughed, “Oh, I knew.”  He kissed my head, “I can’t wait to visit your family. They must be as beautiful as you.”  I smiled and Louis mocked, “AWHHHHHH!  So, we’re coming over next week?”  I nodded and I pulled off his beanie playfully.  He tried taking it from me; but once I placed it on my head, he shut up and stopped.  I put it on and turned to Niall, “How do I look?”  He laughed, “Give that back to Lou.  You look much better in mine.”  He placed his cap over my head and smiled, “You look beautiful.”  I smiled, “I think we ought to go catch our flight now.  We all rushed inside and placed our luggage over our heads.  Niall sat window seat and I sat next to him.  Harry sat beside me and Louis, Zayn, and Liam sat on the other side.  Niall fell asleep not long after the flight started and I did too.  I rested my head on his shoulder and we were holding hands, our fingers entwined.  I was having a delightful dream of seeing my father again after five years, until Harry woke me up.  He shook me, “Kate. Kate.  Wake up.”  My eyes fluttered open and in my angle, I was staring out the window.  I turned to face him, “Yes Harry?”  I started rubbing my eyes.  He asked, “I was wondering…for hours now…how does your sister look like?”  I described, “17, beautiful, talented, singer, and Directioner.”  He asked, “She’s a Directioner?  Could you be more specific?”  I nodded, “Yes, she’s a Directioner.  Total Directioner.  Brown eyes, dimples, pearly whites, long red hair, a bit curly at the tips.  Full, red lips.  And she has a figure 8.”  He asked, “You mean she has a curvy body?”  I nodded, “She doesn’t date.  I restrict her.  My parents don’t, but I do.  If you want to date her, you have to go through me.”  I took out my phone with my left hand, my other hand still clutching onto Niall’s hand.  I played the video of Sydney singing the song she wrote for me and sent the music video to my phone.  She smiled happily and started playing on the piano.  She sang:

As the wa-a-arm summer bree-ee-eeze passes along by,

I ho-o-old you by my heart, and kiss you goodbye.

The heartache I feel, when I sleep alo-o-one,

Makes me as stiff as sto-o-one.

You feel so far a-a-away,

Though my dreams reach you every da-a-ay.

    It went on and on as I mouthed the words that were engraved on my heart.  He was absolutely annoying me now, “She looks beautiful.  When can I meet her?  Do we have Wi-Fi on this plane?  Call the flight attendant. I want to know!”  I nodded, “Yes. We have Wi-Fi, and here, you could Skype her.  I called Sydney and she picked up right away, “Heeeeeeeey, big sis.  WAZZUP?”  I smiled, “You know how you said if I got Harry Styles to talk to you, I’d be the best sister in the world?”  She squealed excitedly, “YES!”  I smiled, “Well, Harry insisted on talking to you.”  I placed Harry on the phone.  He cracked a half smile, “Hello!”  She clapped a hand over her mouth, “You’re H-H-Har-r-r-r” He completed, “Harry Styles.”  I smiled as she tried to calm herself down by chewing a piece of gum and spinning around on her chair.  She placed her two feet on the blank area on her desk beside the laptop and bit her lip, “I learned how to seduce you.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Harry looked at her wide-eyed, “Erm…”  She cracked up and fell on the floor laughing.  She got back on her chair and looked at Harry with a serious look.  Then she puffed a laugh and fell to the floor again. He turned to me, “Is this-”  I laughed, “This is my sister and she gets her craziness from me.”  Niall’s lips were brushing against my ear, “Kate…”  He sang.  I smiled and turned around to see Niall just centimeters away from my face. I pecked his lips, “You’re awake, love.”  He smiled, “Yes, I am.”  Usually, I would do something stupid and ruin the whole romantic moment, but Niall seemed to turn every stupid thing I do into something cute.  I asked, “So, Niall, why are leprechauns so attractive?”  He shrugged, “Because…I really have no idea.”  I pursed my lips, “Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in love with one…”  He interrupted my thinking with a long passionate kiss.”  I backed away, “Save it until we’re married.”  He pouted, “I love you, though Kate.”  I used his own words against him, “I guess you aren’t strong enough to wait for what you deserve.”  Harry didn’t really seem to mind our flirting.  He was talking happily to Sydney.

Sydney: I heard you and Tess broke up.  Are you okay?  Is she okay? 

Harry:  We were never dating and she kissed Niall behind Kate’s back.

Sydney:  Bitch.  I meant-.

Harry: ….

Sydney:  I’m sorry, anger issues.  I just love my sister so much and this happening to her, I mean, she might as well die of emotions. 

Harry: I feel so bad for her. 

Sydney:  I do too. I can’t wait to see her home tonight.  I haven’t seen her in forever.  I love her so much. 

Harry:  But you’ll never love her as much as I love you.

Sydney:  You love me?  LOVE?  We just met, Styles.

Harry:  Don’t you ‘Styles’ me, young lady.

Sydney: I’m turning 18 in two weeks. YOUNG LADY, HAH!

Harry: You’re so cheeky.

Sydney: Blush* Thanks.

Harry’s POV

    Sydney was an awesome girl to talk to.  She wasn’t much of a flirt like Tess and stardom didn’t fill her mind like Taylor’s mind.  She didn’t even mention anything about Selena Gomez and Niall or Niall and Demi or Niall and Amy.  All she did was joke around like a regular girl and talked about normal things, like school and whatnot.  I liked this girl, I won’t be leaving her any time soon. 

Sydney: So, what’s your relationship status?
Me: Single.

Sydney: Me too! It’s been like this all my life.

Me: Lemme guess, your sister restricts you from guys.

Sydney: Could’ve answered that in a flash.

Me: I have sisters too, I understand.  They blew up my phone when they found out either I was dating Tess or Taylor.

Sydney: I’m much worse.  She stalks my Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Youtube account. 

Me: That’s pretty intense. Maybe we could hang out sometime and actually see each other face to face.

Sydney: Sure, but I’m really busy with my band practice and school, so it might not be soon.

Me:  Whenever is fine, as long as I get to see you.

Sydney: Okay, I gotta go, my laptop is dead. Bye!

     I stared at the phone for a while and handed it back to Kate.  She turned around, “What’s wrong?  She doesn’t want to talk anymore?”  I shook my head, “Her laptop died.”  She suggested, “Here, just talk to her. Don’t Skype her.”  She handed me the phone and fell asleep on Niall’s shoulder.  “Hello?”  Sydney asked in a sweet, girly voice.  “Yes?” I replied.  She laughed, “You just can’t get enough of me can you?”  I smiled, “No, I can’t.  I’ll be in Tennessee in a few hours. Mind showing me around?”  She asked hopefully, “You’re sleep over at my house?  That’d be cool.  My room have two beds, you could sleep on one if you like.”  I didn’t want to turn her down, so I told her the truth, “I’m staying at a hotel. I meant show me around the city.”  She squealed, “There’s so much to show you!  Hurry home! Bye!”  I smiled as she hung up.  I placed the phone onto Kate’s lap and fell asleep, waiting for the flight to end.                        

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