Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


2. Kiss You

Tess’ P.O.V

     I was showing them around and then I stopped.  I didn’t notice the curly haired boy in the back.  I didn’t even know any of their names.  I asked, “Wait, I didn’t even get to know you guys.  I don’t even know your names!  So, what are your names?”  The black haired boy is Zayn, the Blondie was Niall, the buzz cut was Liam, the up-do was Louis, and the curly haired boy was Harry.  He looked perfect, like those German underwear models, but he was British.  British underwear model! Haha I’m so smart.  I wonder what they were doing all the way in Florida.  They probably know everything now.  I tested them, “Where’s the bay?”  They all answered in unison, “Always to the north.”  I smiled, “I taught you well.”  I sniffled, “You grow up so fast.”


     I handed them all a compass and showed them how to use it.  I explained, “If you ever get lost, there isn’t any cell service because the MANANGER was too lazy to install it, so you follow the compass north.  The bay is at the edge of the camp, so you will be able to get back to camp.”  They all nodded and looked at their compasses.  Niall asked, “Harry, could I trade with you? I prefer green over pink.”  Harry took it, “I love pink.”  He likes pink.  Did I bring any pink clothes?  Oh yeah, my pink bikini.  Just remembered.  Yay!  After the tour, they head back to their cabins.  They shared 2 cabins, the ones next to mine and Kate’s.  They also had to share with Sade. 


       Sade and Kate were in the cafeteria, having a flour war, AGAIN.  Wow, am I the only responsible one?  Actually, Kate is, but she’s always childish when she wants to have fun.  She doesn’t even try to get guys to like her, and they do!  I try so hard, but no one likes me.  Am I trying too hard?  Maybe I am.  I should lay back, cut some slack.  Kate cleaned herself up for the group of kids coming this year.  She’s always happy.  It’s like super hard to press the wrong button when working with her.  I’ve been her best friend for so long, I found out what her bad button was, but it wasn’t the obvious.  If you hurt her loved ones in any way, she’d go mad.  I never did it before, but I’ve seen a couple of times that people hurt her sister. 


      Kate put on her favorite green cape, “Away!”  She was running around like a little kid.  She ran up to the kids and helped them with their luggage.  I laughed and joined her with my pink cape.  Sade came out of nowhere with his orange cape on. 

Kate’s P.O.V

     I helped the kids with their luggage.  Actually, they weren’t kids.  They were all teens.  They all sat down in orderly lines in front of the little “stage” in front of the office.  I was also the announcer, which was so cool.  I grabbed my microphone, “Some of those faces look familiar.  Who was here last year? Raise your hand up high!”  A couple of people were here last year, but the newbies triumphed.  I smiled, “Alright!  Well, some of the old counselors quit, so we have new ones.  Welcome our 5 new counselors!”   Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall walked on the stage.  Girls started screaming.  What the heck?


      I asked, “Wait, you know them?”   The girls who screamed nodded.  I widened my eyes, “Who are they?”  They all screamed, “ONE DIRECTION!”  I smiled, “Well, to the people who don’t know, this is Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam.  Wonderful boys.”  A group of girls looked at me like: Back off.  I took out the black hat, “Well, I’m going to choose your counselors for you, randomly, so don’t blame me if you don’t get who you don’t like.”  I looked at the list and read a name and picked one of the counselors’ names out of the hat.  Once everyone was in a group, we headed down for kayaking.  Niall looked at me, “Race?”  I looked at my group, “Who wants to race with Niall?”  All their hands flew up.  I smiled, “Niall, you’re on.” 


      Everyone cheered, “Faster! Kate! Faster!”  I saw Niall on my tail so I started paddling even faster.  We won and Niall owed me big time.  He probably has to pay me back with a dare during our campfire later.  My group tackled me down on the sand.  “Kate, that was so cool!”  “Kate, you were so fast!”  “Niall, didn’t stand a chance!”  I laughed at their victory compliments.  I told them, “Okay, okay.  Get ready for dinner.  We have a campfire tonight.”  They got off of me and left me there, lying down in the sand.  Niall walked by and offered me a hand.  He helped me up and dusted the sand off my back.  He put his arm around my shoulder, “That was fun.” I smiled, “Yeah, you know you owe me big time.”  He nodded, “I can’t believe that I lost to a girl.”  I laughed, “Believe it or not.” 


      After a nice dinner, I headed down first to start the campfire.  Tess helped set the logs next to the huge fire.  I got all the teens out to sit with us.  A girl sat down and asked, “Louis, could you sit next to me?”  He nodded and sat next to her.  I passed out marshmallows and sticks.  Niall sat next to me, still warming his marshmallow.  I finished, “Niall, check it out.  Golden!”  He smiled and showed me his, “Burnt.”  I handed him mine, “Here, have mine.  I’ll take yours.”  I ate his burnt marshmallow and got some ashes on my face.  He brushed them off with his thumb and took his hand off my face right away. 


      Louis stood up, “I-” The girl next to him fell off the log and Louis’ bum was stuck on the log.  The boys around him cracked up.  He looked at them, “Who glued my bum to the log?”  The boys tried to stop laughing but they couldn’t.  I couldn’t either.  Everyone started cracking up, except for that group of girls.  They didn’t seem to find it entertaining.  Louis chased them around until Liam offered to help him get it off.  “These were my favorite pants.”  He said sadly. The teens had gone to bed and all the counselors were sitting at the campfire.


      I said, “We usually play our daily truth or dare.  Want to play?”  They all nodded excitedly.  “Niall first.” I smiled naughtily.  Niall looked at me, “Why?”  I answered, “That’s what you get for losing a kayak race with a girl.”  He sighed.  I smiled, “I dare you to…”  Tess interrupted, “Jump into the ocean off the pier with all your clothes off!”  I shook my head, “He’ll catch a cold and the sailors will think he’s a lunatic.”  She nodded, “Yup.”  I continued, “To…”  Liam interrupted, “Touch his nose with his tongue?”   I shook my head, “No, no, no. Too easy.”  Zayn suggested, “Mess up his own hair?”  I laughed, “That’s not even a dare!”  Louis asked, “Kiss?”  They all started chanting, “Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.”  I asked, “Who?”  Harry answered with a playful smile, “You.” They continued chanting. 


     He kissed my cheek, “There.  That’s a kiss.”  I nodded, “True that is.”  It’s really not awkward when guys give me kisses on the cheek.  Sade gives me tons of kisses all the time, so do the other old counselors.  “Is Kate blushing?”  asked Harry.  I shook my head, “No, why? Am I supposed to be blushing?”  They all laughed.  We continued playing truth or dare and I found out that all the guys had abs.  Interesting…  Haha I already knew Sade had abs but I didn’t know Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn had abs.  I got really tired and headed to bed around 9, during quiet hours.  Around 9:15, I could still hear the guys talking in the cabin next to us.  I brushed my hair and headed to their cabin.  I knocked on their door and Sade opened it.  I leaned on the doorframe, “Keep it down, okay?  People are trying to sleep.  We have a long day ahead of us.”  All of them nodded and I was surprised they didn’t laugh at my silly pajamas. 

     I kissed Sade on the cheek, “Night, guys.”  I headed to bed and had a nice good night’s sleep.” 

Niall’s P.O.V

    I kissed Kate at the campfire.  She didn’t look that flattered.  Well, it is just a dare.  She’s really brave.  Maybe she’ll want to go skydiving with me and the boys one day.  I heard a knock on the door and Kate walked in and leaned on the doorframe, “Keep it down, okay?  People are trying to sleep.  We have a long day ahead of us.”  She kissed Sade on the cheek, “Night guys.”  She left and all of us went back to talking again, except, now we were whispering.  Why did she kiss Sade?  Was he her boyfriend or something?  I’ll never have a chance with a wonderful girl like her.  I wonder what I was thinking. 


     Sade looked at me, “You look troubled, mate?”  He had an Australian accent. Didn’t girls love that?  I answered, “Nothing. I was just wondering, are you single?”  He nodded, then realized what I was talking about, “Oh, no, no. I’m not dating Kate.  She’s just a really good friend. I’ve known her for forever.  She’s an awesome friend.  Really cool, funny, beautiful, amazing, and she always has my back.”  I nodded, a little relieved, but still, what if she has feelings for him.  I can’t stand a chance against him.  Soon, really good friends become girlfriend and boyfriend.  I hope that doesn’t happen.  Hopefully.


"If you don't want to take it slow...

                   And you just want to take me home...

           Baby, just say yeah, yeah, yeah...

                                     And let me kiss you."

-Kiss You from Take Me Home Album

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