Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


10. I Would

Niall’s POV

     I woke up in the morning around 6 and I saw Tess still asleep underneath us.  Kate was also asleep and I knew she could hear me, so I tried making the slightest noise I could to get out of bed to get Kate her pills before she woke up.  She hated pills, so I had to get her something sweet with it.  I had an idea.  Since she didn’t like pills, I just had to hide the pill from her.  I climbed slowly out of bed and felt a tap on my shoulder. I yelped and fell to the floor.  Kate’s eyes flickered open, “What’s going on?”   I bit my lip and She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.  I sighed and turned to see who tapped me on the shoulder.  It was Tess. I pulled her outside, “What?  I was going to go get Kate her pills. What do you want?”  She sighed, “I was just wondering why you were in our cabin at 6 in the morning.”  I answered, “I’m taking care of Kate.”  She sighed, “Oh.”  I looked at her, “What’s wrong?”  She didn’t reply.  He grabbed my face and slammed her lips on mine.  Her hands were gripped on my face and I couldn’t let go.  She didn’t stop.  I grabbed her wrists and yanked it off of my face.  I shoved her on the floor and there Kate stood, all wide-eyed and innocent.  She had a hand on her forehead and she was looking at me in shock.   I opened my mouth but she shook her head, “No need to explain.”  She walked towards the office and turned back to tell me, “Niall, I’m feeling much better.  You could work this Friday.  I’ll be fine.”  Tess stood up to follow her put she told Tess she didn’t need help and sent her back to the cabin.  Tess gave me a dirty look before heading in.  I sighed, “What have I done?”  Kate walked back to the cabin a little dizzily with a cup of water and pill in hand.  Harry came out rubbing his eyes, “What’s up, lad?”  I answered sternly, “The love of me life just walked right past me without even glancing at me.”  He changed the subject, “C’mon lad, you look so cold. Come inside.”  I walked helplessly with him, staring out the window and into the other cabin.  Tess stood at the window, both of her hands clutching both curtains.  She winked and closed the curtains.  I sighed and laid in bed staring at the blank ceiling. It reminded me of yesterday when we were looking at the cute drawings above Kate’s bed.  The memory of her sweet brown hair scattered across the pillow and how her eyes would sparkle when she was talking pained me to even think about it.  I wonder if she felt the same.


Kate’s POV

       Seeing your boyfriend throw your best friend on the floor at 6 am isn’t the best start for the morning.  I didn’t really want to stay in bed alone all day with nothing to do.  I gulped down my pill with a scowl and played with my phone until it was going to die of low battery. I went on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram.  And on Twitter, I noticed that my follower number raised a lot, from 362 to 3.4K.  It turned out Niall followed me.  I scrolled through his tweets:

3d Niall tweeted- Having the time of my life with my boys!

6hr Niall tweeted- Morning, love.

2hr Niall tweeted- Just got in a fight with someone I love. Feel terrible.

34min Niall tweeted- I want her to forgive me so I won’t have to suffer this pain anymore. 

    I mean, I wanted to forgive him but I couldn’t just forgive someone for shoving my best friend on the floor.  I followed Niall back and started messaging him.


Niall, I do want to forgive you.

But why don’t you?

Babe, you know I love you.

I do too.

Can you forgive me then?

I can’t.

Why?  Baby, tell me, why?

I don’t just forgive you for pushing

my best friend on the floor.

Hun, there’s something I have to tell


What is it?

Your best friend…


Kissed me.  Grabbed my face,

Didn’t let go, and kissed me.

Niall, that can’t be.

She did.

We’ve been friends since 1st grade.

She’d never hurt me.

Well, she kissed your ex.

You aren’t my ex.

Then what am I?

I never broke up with you.

That would be too painful.

I love you, my sugar cookie.

I love you too, my leprechaun.

I won’t ever let you go.

I’ll be back.  There’s something I have to do.

Okay, don’t be too long.


       I was going to give Tess a piece of my mind.  I set my phone down and climbed down the ladder.  Tess was putting on her lipstick and I smacked her on the face hard.  She turned to look at me, “OW! What was that for?”  I scowled at her, “For kissing my boyfriend.”  She burst into tears, “I’m sorry. God, I only wanted to tell Niall that I loved him first.”  I looked at her, “Wait, what do you mean, you loved him first?”  She stood up, “Since Niall and I met on the dock, I’ve loved him.  Harry once had stolen my heart, but I now realize that I’m in love with Niall.  I love a big softie.”  I wanted to punch her in the face, “Tess, Niall is taken. I’m his girlfriend. I love him.  What you call ‘love’ is a summer fling. Even Harry fell in love with you.  You were too ignorant to even listen.  And now you want Niall?  You might as well fuck every guy in the world.”  That was the very first time I said the f word and the first time I cursed my best friend.  She furiously stomped out and talked to the manager.  She packed her bags and left.  I felt ashamed of what I did.  But she need to know the truth.  Niall came over soon enough to comfort me.  He hugged me, “You alright?”  I nodded.  He kissed my forehead and carried me back up on the bed.  He sat beside me, “What would you like to do this Friday?”  I smiled, “I was hoping you would want to watch a football game with me.”  He shook his head, “I’m not a fan of football.”  I sighed, “Really?  You don’t like soccer?”  He nearly jumped out of his socks, “I love soccer!”  I pulled out two soccer jerseys from under my pillow, “Well, I’m a fan too.”  He took off his shirt and I looked helplessly at his body.  He took a shirt and pointed to me, “Aren’t you going to wear yours?”  I was pretty sure I was drooling, but my chin was dry.  “Oh. Oh, yeah.” I took off my shirt, not even remembering that Niall was staring.  He looked at my magenta colored Victoria Secret bra for a moment and turned away.  I laughed and kissed his cheek.  I was probably killing him the same way he was killing me when he was shirtless.  After a while of watching old soccer videos, Niall leaned over and kissed me.  As my lips were moving in the same rhythm as his, I closed the laptop and pushed it by the corner of my bed.  He slowly pushed me down on the bed and continued kissing me.  It was so awkward for me because both of us were in soccer jerseys.  Niall’s hands moved lower and lower and I pulled his hands back up to my face.  He moaned a bit and flipped himself over next to me.  Both of us were panting because of the long kiss.  He asked, “Why did you stop me?”  I answered, “I thought you didn’t want to lose your virginity until after you’re married.”  He panted, “How’d you know that?” I answered with a smile, “I have a Tumblr.”  He laughed, “So you read those graphic fan fictions?”  I nodded, “Maybe if we get married, we could lose our virginity together.” He smiled, “I’m pretty sure I’ll marry you.”  I kissed his cheek and pressed my cheek against his.  He finally said, “I hope we’ll never fight again.”  I rested my head on his chest, “Me neither.”  He said for the millionth time, “I love you.”  I smiled, “I do too.”  To think, just a couple of weeks ago, I was waving at Niall, wondering if he likes me back.  And now, both of us are lying together on my bed talking about how much we love each other.  It’s very surprising how time passes by so fast.  I turned to him, “I can’t wait for you to meet my little sister.”  He asked, “How old is she? Two? Five?”  I answered, “Did you try sixteen?”  He laughed, “Wow.”  I asked, “Does Harry date younger girls?”  He answered, “Sometimes.”  I smiled, “She’s hopelessly in love with Harry.  You should see her room.  One Direction posters EVERYWHERE.”  He laughed, “What’s in your room?”  I tried to remember, “Err…oh, personal stuff.”  He laughed and kissed my cheek, “I can’t wait until camp closes so I could take you home with me.”  I joked, “Take me home! Niall, take me home!” He laughed and climbed down the ladder and headed out the door. I just remembered that I had to take my pills again.  He came back with a can of soda which was already opened, “Here”  I drank the whole can and looked at him suspiciously, “I thought I was supposed to take my pill.”  He smiled, “Yeah.  Your pill was in that drink.”  I touched my throat, scared I might choke on it.  He laughed, “No, silly, it dissolved in the drink.  I sighed, “Thanks.”  He smiled, “I know how much you hated taking pills.” I climbed out of bed and tied my hair into a ponytail and left my bangs hanging.  I grabbed the soccer ball underneath the bed and headed out, pulling Niall along with me.  He asked, “How are you going to play soccer? You are still injured inside.”  I sighed, “I’ve healed, I know it.  And it’s only for just a while.  I haven’t been doing this for 2 years, c’mon.”  He loosened up and both of us rode on my hidden tandem bike (I hid in the bushes) all the way to the soccer field 3 miles away from camp.  I put the soccer ball in the basket in the front of the bike and sat on the front seat.  Niall sat behind me.  He wrapped his arms around my waist as we pedaled to the field. 

Niall’s POV

     I took the football and Kate ran to the other side of the field.  I kicked it high and hoped it went in between the two tree that were my goal.  Kate kicked it back to my side and scored.  I hated losing to a girl, but it really didn’t matter to me when I was with Kate.  Both of us were still wearing our soccer jerseys, mine with the number 69 on it and Kate’s with a number 18 and Hanson above the number.  Mine wasn’t really customized so I only had a number.  After a few rounds, it started to drizzle, but that didn’t seem to bother her.  We continued playing until it started raining harder.   She ran towards me, the little raindrops caught in her hair, sparkling like jewels.  I threw my jacket over her and part of it over myself.  I put the soccer ball in the basket and sat in the front. I thought she would sit in the back, but she sat on my lap covering us both.  Kate laughed, “This is fun.”  We should do this every day.  I kissed her forehead and wiped her wet bangs.  She entwined her arms around my stomach and hugged me.  She sighed, “You’re so warm, Niall.”  I laughed and continued pedaling.  Every once in a while, I’d grab her and pull her more over my lap, just so she wouldn’t fall.  We dumped the bike and started running back.  When we got to the cabin, both of us were soaking wet.  Her bangs were clamming onto her face and her ponytail was damp.  Her shirt was clammy and almost see-through.  Her jeans tightly wrapped around her legs and her converse were muddy.  There were raindrops in her eyelashes and she was smiling like a lunatic.  I was smiling the same way, my hair wet and instead of in an up-do it was flattened.  My shirt was also almost see-through and my jeans were a bit muddy.  My shoes were clean, except they were wet and damp.  Every time I stepped, it made a squishy sound which made Kate laugh every time.  She gasped, “I forgot my soccer ball!”  I rolled my eyes and smiled, “I got this.”  I ran out into the rain and grabbed the soccer ball by the bushes.  I was running back when I saw Kate standing a few feet away.  I yelled, “What are you doing?”  She laughed, “I just couldn’t stay away from you!”  I ran to her and picked her up, bridal style, kicking the ball back to the cabin.  She kissed my cheek over and over again, resting her wet head on my warm shoulder.  We headed inside the cabin and started taking off our shoes and socks.  She rubbed her feet across the carpet, kissing me after each time, releasing that little spark into my lips.  I laughed as I felt the sting against my lips.  She begged, “Niall, please stay with me? Please? Please?”  I laughed, “Okay. Okay.  Stop begging.”  She squealed and ran to the other side to pack up my things.  I just remembered that Louis threw 6 packets of condoms into my luggage.  I ran to the other side to stop her, but she was already sweetly folding my clothes and putting them into my suitcase.  She opened my drawer and found the purple packs, “Niall, what is this?”  I answered, “Uh…err…I can explain.”  She just laughed, “It’s okay, Niall.  I carry some in my purse too.”  I sighed as she put all my stuff away and took my luggage back to our new cabin.  She set my luggage beside the bed.  She looked down, “I’m still wet. I have to change.  Niall, turn around.”  I raised an eyebrow, “Do you want me to stand outside?”  She shook her head, “You know what? You don’t have to.”  She took off her shirt and put on a shirt she grabbed on her top bunk.  She slipped it on and it was waaaay too big for her.  She took off her jeans and smiled comfortable as she hopped onto what was supposedly my bed.  “Done” She smiled.  I couldn’t explain in words what I had just seen.  I took off my wet shirt and put it in the pile where her clothes were.  I put on a sweatshirt and some gym shorts and sat next to Kate.  I bumped my head on the bed frame above me, “Ow” She hugged me and let me rest my head on her chest.  She played my hair and kissed my head once in a while, “Are you okay, babe?” I nodded, “I am now.”  We both fell asleep and didn’t bother to clean up our clothes until the morning.               

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