Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


7. Heart Attack

Tess’ P.O.V

     Today felt like a Sunday morning back home.  Kate was on the top bunk, sitting up there with her laptop as she did at home.  She was wearing her favorite soccer jersey and she was watching new videos of her favorite soccer players.  She yelled, “GO! GO! And score!”  She tied her hair up in a sloppy ponytail, obviously too preoccupied to even comb her bedhead.  She was usually really lazy on Sundays.  She’d spend all day in the cabin or in her room, just on her computer/laptop/television, living her unsocial life.  Well, I couldn’t care less about her.  I had another date with Harry since our date last night was so successful.  I thought that maybe I could start a relationship with him.  BUT he didn’t look like that type of guy who would want a long relationship.  He was such a good flirt. I was surprised he was still single!  Kate continued cheering as I prepared myself for our early date.  She’ll never get a boyfriend if she would just sit there all day on that stupid laptop.  Ashley came by our cabin and she is stuck on her laptop for so long too.  She sat there almost all day listening to One Direction songs and screaming at the top of her lungs when she read an article about Louis and Eleanor about to break up.  She yelled, “NO! I love Louis, but Eleanor needs a happy ending!  LOUIS!  ELEANOR!”  What she didn’t realize was that she could just talk to Louis who was in the cabin next to ours.  Two silly friends on the laptop all day,  I think I might be the normal one in our little group.  Harry knocked on our door, “Tess?”  I flung the door open, “Hey, Harry.”  He smiled, “You ready for breakfast?” I nodded and he escorted me out onto the pier.  The trip to the shore was really fast, faster than it was yesterday.  Today was a low-tide day, the waves were small and I could see the kelp gardens swaying in the water.  Harry and I held onto the railing and looked down at the clear water.  When we arrived to the nice café, a lady seated us to our table.  I ordered a nice latte and a banana nut muffin.  Harry ordered black coffee and some cookies.  He held my hand and we looked each other in the eyes as we talked.  I never thought that my flirting could actually lead me to the guy I might spend all my life with.  I crossed my legs, “Harry, did you ever feel like that longing feeling in your heart to love is finally filled?”  He smiled, “That depends. Do you feel the same way?”  I nodded, cracking a smile.  Harry gently kissed me and backed away when the lady arrived with our drinks.  I suddenly heard clicks and saw flashes.  Harry quickly grabbed his coffee and I took my latte.  He pulled me, “Come on!” I asked, while running as fast as I could in my high heels, “What’s going on, Harry?”  Both of us ran onto the ferry and rode back to camp.  Harry held my hand, “That was the paparazzi.”  I sighed, “Being a star is so hard. What’s wrong with the paparazzi?”  He looked at me, “Well, the guys and I have been trying to get a normal summer for months now and the camp is like our safe haven.” I thought about the situation for a moment and looked back up at him, “But, if they find out where the camp is, Kate, Ashley, Hazel, Irene, and I will be ruined.  Kate loves the camp too much.  Ashley, Hazel, and Irene are at the camp for the first time. They’re experience will be ruined. Harry, you have to stop the paps.”  He sighed, “I will. I won’t let this ruin any of your experiences.”  I kissed his cheek and rested my head on his shoulder, “Thank you.”  He nodded, “No problem.”  Harry was a sweet guy, but I still didn’t trust him enough to call him mine.  I wish I could claim him and not let any other girl touch him, but I couldn’t. Besides, I heard he was dating Taylor Swift. I’m probably just a summer fling.  I let go of his hand and sat alone on the benches on the other side of the ferry. I stared at the sea as the breeze blew my hair.  I don’t want to be just another fling to another guy. I want someone I could call mine.  The breeze blew in my eyes and made them watery.  Harry stood next to me with his arms folded, “What’s wrong, Tess?”  I didn’t even turn my head, “Harry, I’m a fling, aren’t I? Just a summer fling.” He shook his head, “No, no, you aren’t. I love you. You aren’t just a summer fling. Believe me.”  That was the very first time I’ve heard him say ‘I love you’.  Even the touching words didn’t sew up my broken heart, “Harry, you have a girlfriend. I think Taylor would probably be very mad after all this.  You with a summer fling.” He stammered, “Tess, stop.  I love you, why won’t you believe me?” The words slipped out of my mouth, “Harry, you are an amazing flirt, but I know you have a girlfriend and I’m just a fling. Why don’t you just dump me and go live your life with the Hollywood dream that made your life so amazing.  I’m imperfect and just a regular girl.  If we get married, you are most likely paying to expenses. I’m not a rich fancy girl. I’m just one of those flings who know how to flirt.”  This time, I managed to turn around and look at him with sorrowful blue eyes.  He looked at me, “Tess, I did look at you like you were a fling, but then, my love grew and now the magic between us is never going to fade. I know you feel it too.”  I was about to cry, “Harry, you don’t understand.  You changed my life.  My eyes will never shine the same again, my heart will never beat the same, the way I talk will never change. This is all because of you.  You and your girlfriend. Taylor is the luckiest girl in the world to have you, but you can’t just cheat on her like that and say you fell in love with another. You had magic with her. You can’t just tell me that you like the magic we had better.  This isn’t magic, Harry. This isn’t fate.  Your destiny lies in the hands of someone else.”  He never did understand the aching in my heart that night.  He didn’t understand what I felt. He didn’t get the feelings I had. Even though I was a total flirt, I still knew how to treat others’ hearts.  I would hate it if I had a boyfriend who just left to summer camp and came back to tell me that he fell in love with a fling and he was going to dump me. I don’t think any girl would want that to happen.  At night, when my cabin was silent, I could hear Harry on the phone with Taylor:

Harry: What do you mean he came back?
Taylor: Conor is back.  We started dating again just a few weeks ago.

Harry: Taylor, you used me to preoccupy your heart while Conor is gone? What kind of sick bastard are you?
Taylor: Harry, I can explain.

Harry: nearly shouting* Taylor, you don’t have to. We are over.

     Harry didn’t seem mad at all. He seemed a little bit joyful that Taylor was out of his mind.  I sat on the bed that night and thought to myself.  Kate looked down from her top bunk, “What’s up? Your constant moaning is killing me. What’s going on?”  I looked at her, pretending to rub my eyes, “Nothing. Go back to sleep. I need sleep too.” She furrowed her eyebrows, “I know something is suspicious. I’ve known you since the third grade, don’t think you could hide ANYTHING from me.”  Her voice was cool and collected, although I could hear the slightest little crack of worry at the edge of her words.  I nodded, “Everything’s fine. Nothing to worry about. Go to sleep.”  She yawned and slowly covered herself with the sheets, “Alright…”  I laid on my pillow, facing the window.  There was a bit of mumbling then the lights went out and it was all quiet.  I shut my eyes and tried my best to sleep. I hummed under my breath and curled up in my blanket.  Something sent a chill down my back and I suddenly felt cold although it was in the middle of summer and it was humid some nights.  I closed my eyes and went to sleep.




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