Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


4. C'mon C'mon

Kate’s P.O.V

     I woke up, too late to be called early. I roughly brushed my hair and tied it up.  Tess woke up already, looking as glamorous as ever.  I smiled as I slipped on my shirt.  She looked at me, “Lovely morning, huh?”  I nodded, replying in a raspy morning voice, “Yes.”  I put on my favorite flats and headed into the benches behind the cafeteria. I had to help set up for the little art fest we were going to have later.  Tess helped me too, making sure all the paintbrushes were clean and spiffy. Spiffy?!? Where did that come from? That was an odd word. That usually did not sit in my vocabulary.  Tess poked me with a paintbrush. I yelped, “Ow!” She smiled, “Too prickly, huh?”   I nodded, “Go soak it in the bucket.”  She went to dunk it in.  Sade stood beside me, “What do we have to do this morning?” I looked at the empty table, “A lot. Well, first of all, go get the paint. You know where the paint is right? In the shed-” He nodded, “next to the old well. I know, I know.”  I smiled as he ran to the old well.  I fixed and wiped the chairs and waited for him to come back.  I set plain t-shirts, beads, bracelets, and other arts and crafts things on the table.  Sade set up the paint and ran to get some more.  Tess had all the paintbrushes ready for painting.  I put my hands on my hips, “We’re ready!”  We all went out to tell the kids what we had ahead of us.  I looked at the smiling crowd, “Well, today, we have a wonderful surprise. We will be doing arts and crafts. You could make anything you like.”  They all cheered. They seemed to be happy. That’s amazing. A nice, cheerful crowd. I know today will be awesome. 

Tess’ P.O.V

     Another day of hard work, but on the other hand, I loved camp.  I’m an outdoorsy kinda person. I love breathing in the fresh air and contacting with nature!  When I was in first grade, I touched an earthworm and everyone in the grade thought I was gross. I was sad for the helpless creature. It was stuck in between a crack and it couldn’t get out. That was just sad. That teasing lasted for about 3 years. I hated that.  Harry smiled at me, “Morning.”  Oh that accent. Mmm… I replied, “Morning.  Lovely day, today, huh?”  He nodded, “Just wonderful.”  I brushed my jeans and put my hands on my hips.  We were starting the arts and crafts and I was in charge of the bedazzling station. I loved making things shiny and you know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Harry was in charge of the glitter station, the station next to mine.  Kate handed out strings and t-shirts, Niall had the puffy paint, Zayn had paint, Louis had beads, Liam had shiny beads, and Sade had the spray paint.  No one was at my station and I looked around to see Louis spraying some girls with silly string. I laughed and saw girls line up in front of me.  They were trying to bedazzle their personalized 1D t-shirts. Harry walked over, “Can I borrow these?” He asked the girls.  They nodded, looking as though they were about to faint.  He walked around and told the guys to autograph the shirts.  He gave it back to them and they screamed as he walked back to his station.  He sat there quietly on his chair, ready to instruct anyone trying to use the glitter or glitter glue. I looked at them.  They were still trying to bedazzle their shirts. I reached over, “Hold the gun like this and shoot the jewels out in a tilted way. That way, you won’t hurt anyone.”  She smiled and did it better.  The other girls followed in her example.  After arts and crafts, many of the girls had wonderful bedazzled 1D t-shirts.  One of the girls, a pretty red-head, walked up to me, “You like my t-shirt?” I nodded, “It looks absolutely amazing.”   She smiled, “I made an extra one. You can have it.” I gasped, “Really?” For the 4 years I’ve been here, no one was sweet enough to offer me a gift.  She nodded and handed me a sweetly folded shirt.  I held it up and placed it on my body, “Perfect! I love it.  Thank you.”  I hugged her and she smiled again.  She held out her hand, “I’m Ashley.”  I looked at her, “What a lovely name.”  She was like another version of Kate.  She had messy red hair and green eyes. She wore a 1D shirt and she was wearing jeans with artistic splatters of paint on it. She had freckles and her smile was so bright and cheerful.  She was a very chatty girl. ‘Ashley’ really suited her.  If we ever have a sleepover, I had to give them a makeover. I HAD TO. It was like, god gave them to me and he wants me to fix them up. It was my destiny. She’ll look so much better when I’m done with her. 

Kate’s P.O.V

    During the campfire, Tess had a crazy idea. She looked at me, “How about a sleepover?”  I shook my head. She begged me, “Please? Please? Please? Kate, you know I had that longing feeling to have a cheesy sleepover so I could do makeovers and stuff. I want to. Please? Please?”  I looked at her, “Tess, our room is too small.”  She argued, “They have sleeping bags! We can sleep in one cabin. It won’t kill us!”  I sighed, “Fine.”  She smiled and started jumping.  I calmed her down as we walked back to the cabin.  Niall waved and smiled to me before heading into his room.  I did what I had to do, I smiled and waved back. Ahaha, what did you think I was going to do?  I walked in and all the Directioners I saw earlier were sitting there.  There weren’t a lot of girls and Tess did keep her promise.  There were only 3 girls. To imagine, they were the only girls screaming and they made so much noise in the whole crowd. Impressive. Well, I was like that at one point.  Yes, at my first Coldplay concert, I screamed my head off and I caught all the band members’ attention.  Amazing, huh?

Tess’ P.O.V

     Ashley and Kate were here. Yes! Makeover! Sounds really cheesy because there was basically a makeover in every sleepover.  There were other girls too, and all of them needed Tess’ touch.  They all introduced themselves and I remembered their names because there were only a few of them.  The blonde one was Hazel and the brunette was Irene.  Everyone was wearing a 1D t-shirt and I felt ashamed for not wearing one so I put on the one Ashley gave me.  First, we all gave each other temporary tattoos.  Fortunately, they were very passionate fans of One Direction.  We all got one of their names on our left arm. I got Harry, Hazel got Zayn, Ashley got Louis, Irene got Liam, and Kate got Niall (of course).  Hazel smiled, “Zayn is the hottest.” She started the argument in between all of us.  Kate walked to the side of the window and pointed, “Shhh…keep it down. I think the guys could see, and hear.”  Everyone started whispering.  I suggested, “Makeover!”  They all looked at me like: Are you serious? 

Kate’s P.O.V

     Here comes the word. “Makeover!” Yup, there it was. She escorted Ashley to the chair and took out her makeup set. We all looked with anticipation.  She made us turn around so it would be a surprise. This sucked. I looked at Hazel, “So, why is Zayn your favorite?”  She replied, “Well, I can’t help, but say that Zayn is hot. I just love bad boys.  It’s a little weird, but very true.”  I laughed, “I like bad boys, but not like super bad, like those kinda guys who would end up in jail.”  She nodded, “Me too!”  I hummed ‘Last First Kiss’ under my breath.  It was weird because I barely remembered many One Direction songs, but ever since I met them, their songs were always on replay on my I-pod. I pulled out my laptop that had my name written on the cover in swirly letters: Kate. Hazel and Irene took the laptop from me and added a bunch of stickers. I laughed as I looked at them.  One of them was a green kissy mark that said ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’.  I continued looking at all of them.  Most of them were clovers and the Irish flag colors.  The rest were One Direction stickers.  Irene sighed, “Now, it looks beautiful.”  I laughed and traced my fingers over the cover.  “Voila!” I heard Tess say.  We all turned around to see.  Wow, she did an amazing job.  Ashley’s messy red hair was tamed and tied on one side in a fishtail.  Her freckles were reduced and her lips were traced perfectly with Carmine lipstick.  She smiled, “So, how do I look?”  Tess spun her around to face the mirror, “How do you look?”  She burst with happiness, “Amazing! Wonderful!  Beautiful!  How did you do this?  What is this?  Red eye shadow?”  Tess nodded, “I’ve done my job well.”   Tess grabbed me, “Your turn.”  I stood up, “Wait, what?”  After half an hour of sitting there, Tess was finally done.  I really wanted to stand up because my bum had gone numb.  She turned me to face the mirror.  I smiled, “Wow, I look so different.”  I had my hair in a French braid and Tess stuck daisies in it.  She put light lip gloss and orange eye shadow on me.  I had a little bit of freckles, but they were all gone now.  I hugged her, “You should start your own beauty salon. You are just amazing.”  She smiled, “I know.” 

Tess’ P.O.V

   This was so fun!  New friends + Makeovers! How could this get any better?  After finishing everyone, I did my own makeup.  I needed the most styling because I was the pro.  I put on dark pink lip stick, rose eye shadow, and a light pink blush.  Every one of them looked amazing.  Hazel and Irene both wore Carmine lipstick.  Hazel had smoky eye shadow and Irene had a nice lavender eye shadow.  Hazel had her hair in a tight pony tail and Irene had hers in a Dutch braid. I was so proud of my creation.  Kate took out her laptop and took a group picture of all of us.  We laughed and looked at each other.  We played fun 1D games like Quickfire, Spin the Harry (Although we didn’t have a Harry), Mega-mind, and truth or dare.  Ashley loved that game.  We had a super fun night and nothing could ruin this amazing moment.

Niall’s P.O.V

     They guys and I were hoping to sleep earlier and better than the day before, but we overheard the girls. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any curtains, or noise canceling headphones.  We could hear them screaming, yelling, giggling, and laughing.  Louis had a mischievous idea, “Scaring the girls.”  Harry suggested, “Steal their clothes while they’re in the shower?”  Zayn disagreed, “You aren’t allowed in the girls’ restroom and that’s just mean.  I mean, come on!  What kind of perv would steal someone’s clothes? Especially a girl’s.”  Louis smiled, “You know girls’ imaginations, they’re scared of really stupid things. Like spiders.  Hey, how about we pretend there’s a bear or something outside?”  We all agreed.  I can’t believe I’m doing this to my crush.  But I didn’t seem to be thinking at the time.  We sneaked around their cabins and snapping twigs and make mysterious sounds.  Then, we slowly opened their door and burst in, “BOO!”  All of them screamed.  They were all cuddled up in the center of the room, each of them hugging a pillow.  I think their sleepover was One Direction related because they had 1D tattoos, their pillows were each of our faces, they were wearing 1D t-shirts, and I overheard them talking about us in our cabin.  They threw pillows at us and shut the door.  That was fun, but I wasn’t thinking of how Kate was going to think about me afterwards.  I hope she could take a joke, or maybe she’ll never forgive me.  I don’t want that to happen.  I’ll spend forever to win her heart back.


    "The one that I came with, she had to go...

             But you look amazing standing alone..."

-C'mon C'mon from Take Me Home Album                                   

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