Summer Love

Kate and her best friend Tess work at a summer camp when 5 gorgeous guys come to the camp and apply as counselors. Kate and Tess fall in love with them, but they have competition. Will they be able to win the hearts of their beloved loves? Will some be jealous? Will there be fights? I guess you have to read to find out! :)


9. Change My Mind

Kate’s POV

     Sometimes, you feel like you’ve known someone for forever.  And then you feel as though they’d do anything to protect you.  Well, it was very different for me.  Last night, during the incident, Sade only stopped and stared.  He didn’t even bother picking me up or even carrying me to the nurse. Niall did.  A very odd favor for another friend, but I should’ve thanked him.  But there I was, cradled in his arms like a helpless child.  I didn’t say a word to him.  My eyes slowly flickered open and the sunshine that came from the window almost blinded me.  I turned to the other side, and there Niall was, asleep beside me.  He was snoring softly under his breath and mumbling words I couldn’t hear.  I giggled and rubbed my eyes.  Niall immediately woke up.  He grabbed my wrist, “Don’t rub your eyes!”  I dropped my hand and turned to him, “What? Why?”  He answered, “The germs on your hands will damage your delicate beautiful eyes.”  I smiled at the way he pronounced ‘beautiful’.  He sat up and pushed his hair back, “I have to get you some water and pills. Hold on.”  I nodded as he climbed out of the sheets and down the ladder and out the door.  Niall was a really sweet guy, really caring and understanding.  If only he was my boyfriend.  I know for sure he’d be better than Jay. So much better.  He came back with my pills and the water.  He climbed up; “Here” I took the pill and water.  I hated taking pills. I liked it better when I had the liquid fluid medicine I used to have when I was younger.  Niall looked at my dismayed face, “It’s alright.  When I went to the nurse, the nice lady in the office gave me two sugar cookies.  I’ll give you one when you finish taking your pills.”  I loved sugar cookies; he probably didn’t know that, but still I LOVE SUGAR COOKIES.  I gulped down my pill with the whole cup of water and started to climb down to put the cup on the table.  I usually don’t take drugs, so I became very lightweight.  My steps were wobbly and Niall caught me from falling.  He took the cup from me, “You better stay in bed.” I nodded and curled back up in the covers.  Niall handed me a sugar cookie with a K on it.  There were decorations all around it.  I smiled, “Did you design it yourself? It looks beautiful.”  He nodded, “Yeah, I was playing with the frosting a bit.”  He had his own that had the Irish colors with a big N on it.  We both ate and smile at each other after each bite.  Halfway through his cookie, he said, “You sure love sugar cookies.”  I smiled back at him with green frosting all over my lips and some on the tip of my nose.  He laughed and continued eating his cookie.  When we finished, I licked the frosting on my lips away.  “Mmmm…”  I smiled.  Niall laughed, “You have a little something on your nose.”  He leaned over and set his hand next to me.  I thought he was going to use his napkin to wipe it, but instead he licked it off. He LICKED it off.  And while he was doing that, I was just staring cross eyed at his tongue swirling over my nose.  He was so close that I could smell the frosting in his breath.  I leaned closer and our lips met.  I think either there were bits of frosting on my lips or on his that made both our lips sticky after the kiss.  He handed me a napkin, “Here, there’s a faint green smudge of frosting on your lips.”  I joked, “So, you’re not going to lick it off?”  I was only joking, and I didn’t really expect him to lean over again, kiss me, and lick all of the frosting with his tongue.  When he backed away, both of our lips were gleaming.  We smiled and laughed together.  I used the napkin he gave me earlier and wiped my lips.  I wouldn’t want his DNA all over my lips everywhere I go.  Both of us lie on the bed and stared at the ceiling, at all those silly drawings I would paste up there.  Some drawn by my cousin, some by my little sister, some by me, and some even by some old campers I used to know.  Niall drew a new one, a girl with wavy hair he called Kate.  I laughed as I tried pasting it up on the wall beside my bed.  I sighed and crashed next to Niall on my bed, “What day is it today?”  He answered, “Thursday.”  I was a bit worried, “Aren’t we supposed to be working?”  He shook his head, “Nurse told the manager that you have to take two days off.  And that I had to assist you.”  I asked politely, “I don’t mean to be rude. I’m not saying I don’t want you to assist me, but why you?”  He answered calmly, “Well, it’s because I was the one who carried you to the nurse. I was the one who called your parents to tell them you’re okay. I was the one to sign the form to say you could back to your cabin.”  I sighed, “Well, I’m pretty relieved it’s you.”  This little incident really threw me off from my friendship level is everyone I knew.   Sade obviously doesn’t care for me anymore; Tess would always be my best friend, and Niall and I would always be more than just friends.  We bonded a lot and now I trust him a whole lot more.  But what confused me was that why he wasn’t still mad at me for what had happened the day before when Harry had his arm around me.  I asked, “Niall, why aren’t you mad at me?”  He raised an eyebrow, “Why would I be mad at you?”  I answered, “For what had happened the day before.”  He bit his lip, “Forgive and forget, right?”  I answered, “But, Niall, you came after me just 10 minutes after the incident to help me.” He spoke as though he was quoting Shakespeare, “When you love someone you are mad at, you forgive them right away because you will regret it when they’re gone.  I will definitely regret it because I would have never gotten the chance to tell you goodbye or even tell you that I loved you from the moment I met you.”  I wanted to cry because all of his words touched me inside.  I kissed his cheek, “You are the sweetest guy ever.” He turned bright red, “So, what do you say about meeting my parents when camp closes?”  I answered, “But I have school.  Wait, actually, I have like a month after camp closes then I get back to school.  Well, sounds great.”  He smiled and both of us spent the afternoon staring at the ceiling, joking around, and talking about Niall’s career.  After a while, Niall looked at his watch, “SHIT!  I need to get you your pill!”  I laughed as he jumped off the bed and ran outside to get it.  Niall is such a sweet guy, besides the constant swearing.  He’s like a regular teenage guy who’d do almost anything for the girl he loves.  Except, he was some ‘megastar’ who isn’t allowed to date because management restricts him from it.  That sucked. Niall could’ve been an awesome boyfriend.  He was unique, unlike any guy I’ve ever dated.  Niall came bursting through the door, “Sorry, darling.”  His accent through the whole romantic ‘darling’ thing in the trash, picked it back up, and it became sexy.  He handed me the pill and a cup of water.  The pill was much larger now and it scared me.  He rubbed my cheek with his thumb, “Don’t worry, sweetie.  You won’t even feel it.”  I sighed.  He explained, “I missed your hourly pills, so you have to take this bigger one.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I promise I won’t do it again.”  He sounded as though I was going to blame all this on him.  I rubbed his arm, “It’s okay.”  He comforted me, “I got another sugar cookie for you, my sugar cookie.”  I laughed and asked him to hand me the pill.  I shoved it down my throat and washed it down with the whole glass of water.  He put the glass back down onto the table and climbed back up onto my bed.  I crashed on my pillow next to him.  I turned to him, “I’m a bit lightweight. Is this normal?”  He handed me a cookie, “Yes, it’ll wear off after a while.”  I broke it in half and gave him half.  We ate in silence and I curled up in his arms. 

Niall’s POV

    Kate was an awesome girl.  Nothing like anyone I’ve ever met before.  She’s also going to be a hard girlfriend to persuade the management to have and the fans to accept.  I’ve been waiting 2 years for this girl and I’m not going to let her slip out of my hands. I want her to be mine forever and I’m not going to stop fighting for her until I’m a 100% sure she’s mine.  She became a little drunk and lightweight after a while.  She spoke random words which amused me.  She finally started talking English instead of gibberish.  “Niall, I love you, you know that, right?”  I nodded as her drunken and dizzy eyes looked at me.  She continued, “Remember that first night?”  She paused for my answer, “When we were playing truth or dare?”  I remembered the funny dares the guys got from those two mischievous girls.  I nodded.  She continued, “Well, when you took off your shirt, I was like, WHOA.  Niall is such a sexy beast.  So sexy, so cute, so hot.”  Now this was complete nonsense I would hear coming out of her mouth when she’s a drunken 16-year-old.  She mumbled, “And even when the other guys took off their shirts, I still liked your body the most. I was dying inside when I looked at you.  Under the firelight, you were perfect. Like an Irish male model.”  I couldn’t help but laugh.  “And, Niall?”  I replied, “Yes, sweetie?” Her eyes were half shut, “You…turned…my…switch…on…”  She drifted off to sleep.  I covered both of us with a blanket and looked at her shut eyes.  She was so cute in her sleep.  I thought about what she said earlier, replaying all her words in my mind. “Niall, I love you, you know that right?  Remember that first night?  When we were playing truth or dare?  Well, when you took off your shirt, I was like, WHOA.  Niall is such sexy beast.  So sexy, so cute, so hot.  And even when the other guys took off their shirts, I still liked your body the most.  I was dying inside when I looked at you.  Under the firelight, you were perfect, like an Irish male model.  And Niall? You turned my switch on.”  She was cute, even when she was drunk.  She would probably wake up the next morning, but I didn’t really give a damn.  As long as I’m with her, my whole world is fine.  I lie beside her and looked at my phone.  On Twitter, I went on a following spree just because I got bored. When I followed back all my followers, I got more new ones.  When I felt really tired after all the following, I looked at the bottom screen that read: ‘Just like you:’  I saw Demi, Ashley Tisdale, Food4Us (Kate’s Official Food Site), and Kate Hanson.  I followed Food4Us and went to see Kate’s page.  She had 362 followers and her bio was:  ‘If you give me food, I’ll be your best friend.’  I laughed and continued looking.  Her tweets were all about food and romance.  There was one in particular that caught my eye.  Two months ago, it read, ‘the pain, the pain, oh the pain, to see those beautiful couples walking through the streets holding hands.  No boyfriend here!  Oh the pain’ It was reposted 217 times and 561 favorites.  I clicked her follow button and put my phone away.  I whispered in her ear, “Dear my little sugar cookie, I want you to know that I’ll be your next boyfriend and that I’ll treat you like no one ever did before.  I’ll kiss you and love you like no one ever did before.  I cross my heart that I’ll give you all the pleasure and comfort you want.”  It had been 2 hours since she fell asleep and I didn’t expect her to wake up any time soon.  She turned around after my little speech and kissed me, “I already know all this is going to turn out well.”  She smiled at me and I smiled back. “You know I’m not much of a heavy sleeper, so I could hear you in my sleep?”  I bit my lip.  She kissed me again, “It’s alright.  I love the sound of your voice anyways.”  I curled her up in my arms and both of us fell asleep together.                                           

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