Summer 09'

Me and Niall have been best mates since we were little but i always loved him, even though i never told him that. Then one summer in 09' he told me how he really felt and things just were never the same. Especially since when he left for X-factor i got pregnant.


4. Safe




I can’t believe he did that. After all the times I told him not to he still did. I just closed my eyes but then all of the sudden I couldn’t open them again. Everything was silent, and then a bright light was coming for me. Then it started fading and my hearing came back. Everything was back and my eyes fluttered open. There were doctors all around me. Niall was crying in the corner, until he saw me awake and looking at him. He wiped his tears away from his face and put on the brave face. The brave face I always had put on for years.



The doctors did their business and left me with niall. I was just staring at the ceiling letting the pain of everything sinking in. he told them my secret the one I didn’t tell anyone. He told people my secret not his.



“Niall what’s going to happen to me?” I asked him looking over his way. Before he could answer in came the devil. My dad. He came into the room and he was furious. His eyes were cold and dark. I knew what was going to happen someone was going to get hurt who I don’t know, but hopefully it was me and not niall. He could break niall in half. My dad was big and muscular a scary. I looked at niall in the corner his fists clenched; jaw so tight together I thought he might break his teeth. He looked like he was going to kill my dad. I didn’t even realize that the tears were coming down my face.



“I'm sorry dad, I didn’t mean it, I was just walking-”



“Why are you apologizing to him?” Niall asked fury in his voice and pain in his eyes



“Look the slut got a boy, right after the other one shot her.” He said walking over to niall sizing him up.



“Dad stop this isn’t the time for this.” I said trying to r strong in front of niall. But I had my fingers on the nurse button. I was pressing it rapidly I knew I shouldn’t have said that but I did.



“Excuse me you don’t talk to me like that.” He said walking over. I already knew what was next. I embraced for the hit. I got a punch across the face right in the upper jaw. I heard a crack and then the pain. I screamed out in pain, grabbing my jaw and just hoping the nurse would get here soon.



“Let me finish you off, like the other one wanted to” he then grabbed my throat and began to choke me. This was new that’s for sure. Niall with rage surprisingly over threw my dad. My dad retaliated with a punch in the face and niall doubled over onto the ground.



“NIALL! You monst-“I began but didn’t finish



            All of the sudden the police were in the room. There were a lot of them. They all came in and tackled my dad to the ground. A wave relief came over me. I just sighed and tuned the world out. I was still holding my jaw when the nurse came in she said it was broken and that when he had punched it he had thrown my neck out. So I had to wear an ugly neck brace.



            They took niall into his own hospital room. I was really worried about him. I wheeled over to his room. When I came in he was watching football. Oh my little clover, he was always watching football or some other sport.



“Who’s winning?” I said. He looked over at me with that big crooked smile.




“I don’t even know I was too busy thinking about what just happened.” He said looking down.



“Thank you and I want to say I'm not mad at you I could never be mad at you. You do everything for the good of others. You saved my life twice.” I said looking at my feet.



“I love you too.” I said barely audible. I looked over at him. Into those loving eyes knowing I made a good chance. Then the door busted open and both of us freezed instantly. Until us both heard Maura’s sweet voice



“Oh my sweet baby, what happened to you?” she said we could she was flustered of the events that had happened. I looked at Maura, she didn’t even recognize me.




“Oh my goodness, belly (she called me that ever since I was little, that and belly button) what happened to you?” slowly looking at me. I started explaining what happened over the years. All of the things my dad would do and say. She let the tears fall down her cheeks. She was much stronger than me. I bawled like a baby.



“That little butt hole.” She said refusing to swear in front of us. She continued



“Well you are going to stay with us until you graduate. There is no way I'm letting my little belly button into a foster home.” She said a matter of factly. She used to be good friends with my mother until she died.



            My mother and two other sisters died when I was 8. Even though my siblings never liked me I still miss them like crazy. He beat her, and then when she died he started drinking. When I was 10 was when all the abuse got bad. Maura didn’t know that well I didn’t think she knew that. Her and my mother were best friends. They always were. Maura is like my second mother, she calls me the daughter she never had. Greg called me sis all the time. I was already a part of the family.



            After a few day of being in the hospital they released me with a cast on crutches with a cast and the neck brace. I have the brace for 3 weeks and the cast for 5 and the crutches for 1 ½ months. It was going to be a long month and a half.

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