Summer 09'

Me and Niall have been best mates since we were little but i always loved him, even though i never told him that. Then one summer in 09' he told me how he really felt and things just were never the same. Especially since when he left for X-factor i got pregnant.


3. Please don't leave me



Niall’s POV


            She’s been in a coma for a week now and I'm really worried about her. I feel like it’s my entire fault how could I do this to the person I love. If I would have followed her or something she wouldn’t have gotten hurt by that jerk. I wanted to kill him but I tried to suppress the urge to do so. I have to be good for bell for when she wakes up. I have been in the hospital with her since the incident I haven’t left her side. I even didn’t leave for food. I always got the nurse to bring enough food for the both of us, just in case she woke up. I was sitting there and I grabbed her hand and squeezed it then I looked at her arms. I looked at the cuts on them. There were a lot of them, too many. On her upper arm there were bruises in the shape of hands on them. I knew who made them. It was her dad; he had been like this since her parents’ divorce. He took it out on her, which was wrong, but she made me swear on my life that I never told anyone. But now she is in the hospital and she can’t stop me. I knew if she did die that he sisters would be the next targets of his anger. That’s the reason she didn’t tell anyone (but me of course) she didn’t want them to be hurt by him. I looked on her other arm aside from the cuts there were more bruises. As the tears were streaming down my face I just put my head on her stomach to try and calm down. I knew I could have prevented this. I should have told someone about her dad a long time ago. But I didn’t, for her she didn’t want me to so I didn’t. I looked at her flawless face that she thought was so imperfect. She really didn’t understand how gorgeous she was. Every girl is gorgeous they truly are. She had been lied to by her dad and her siblings they always tortured her at home. They mad snide comments on the way she dressed acted and talked like. They would comment on how she didn’t get good grades. So they called her dumb and told she wouldn’t ever amount to something, that she would always be a loser. That no one cared for her; she believed every word they told her. They were her own siblings they said so many hurtful things to her and she would always call me in tears. I didn’t even do anything; I didn’t know what to do.


            I moved her hair out of her face and that’s when my anger boiled over I saw the bruise all over the side of her head. They outlined her whole face. I was about to do something I might regret later in life but it needed to be done. I pressed the nurses button and waited for her to come in. I was about to tell someone for the sake of Annabel. She needed it more then she knew. She had never told me that he hit her in the face. Probably because I told her if he ever hit her there then I would make her tell them.


“Can I help you?” the nurse said


“Erm…Yea...Who can I talk to about child abuse?” I said trying not to cry


“There is an officer that you can talk to. Would you like me to get him?” she asked with worried eyes.


“Yes please it’s very important.” With that she left the room I could fell the tears coming back. I looked at Annabel one more time then I whispered into her ear.


“I love you and everything is going to be okay. I promise.” I said then kissed her forehead very lightly. The officer came into the room. Here goes nothing.



*1 ½ hours later*



            I had told the police officer everything I knew. He said he would have to get CPS (child protective services) to determine what would happen to Annabel. I thanked him and he left I texted my mom and told her I was going to stay at the hospital tonight and that I would call her later. She said not to worry she would come and visit Annabel tomorrow. I lay on the couch watching football.


“So I get shot and you just sit there and watch football?” Annabel’s voice was really hoarse. I just looked over with astonishment.


“Oh my god! I thought you were going to die! Bell don’t ever do that to me again.” I said while walking over to the bed.


“How long was out for?” she asked I started picking at my nails


“Enough for me to see the entire bruise around your head...” I said with a little hint of anger and sorrow in my voice. When I looked at her she had gone white. She knew she was caught she looked around. Then she realized she had nowhere to run.


“I told them the truth Anna… I know you told me to never tell anyone but I never knew it was that bad. I'm sorry.” A tear slipped down my face I couldn’t bear look at her.


“Thank you” was all I heard from her before she fell back asleep and then all of the sudden the monitors started beeping. Then all the doctors came rushing in and around her. I was just standing there until they told me to leave. I wouldn’t move until a nurse put her hands on me. I just broke and started screaming for her. This couldn’t be happening, not now. I can’t lose her I need her. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is my one and only love. She always has been and always will be. She is my best friend. My princess…………..

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