Summer 09'

Me and Niall have been best mates since we were little but i always loved him, even though i never told him that. Then one summer in 09' he told me how he really felt and things just were never the same. Especially since when he left for X-factor i got pregnant.


2. A day to remeber


            Me and Niall go way back to when we were wee little people. We always were with each other. I never left his side because he made me feel safe. I felt invincible when I was with him. I always secretly admired Niall for his cheekiness and his ability to sing and well he was gorgeous but I knew Niall on a personal level that a lot of people didn’t get to see. He knew things about me that others didn’t things that if others knew then I would be labeled freak and weird but Niall kept it a secret. He was my only true best friend.


            Now I and Niall are in in grade 10 together still as close as ever but we hung out in different groups. I hung out with the popular kids and he was middle class but we were always friends. No matter what social groups we were it would never change. My love for him wouldn’t either I loved him but I would never tell him that. I didn’t want things to be ruined as friends plus he could never love someone as average as me. He was extraordinary and I was ordinary.


            It was the summer of 09’ and I and niall were hanging out at nando’s and he kept staring at from across the table. Every time he did I blushed and looked down at my feet. Niall and I both LOVED to eat that’s the reason we were such good friends. People said that we could be brother and sister. We both had dark brown hair before he died it; we both had extremely funny laughs. Which was contagious if one of us started laughing then it would be awhile before we stopped laughing the only difference was I deep brown eyes and he had the biggest bluest eyes ever. Eyes that could kill and they killed me every time I looked at him.


“Annabelle I need to tell you something.” Niall said looking at his hand. I knew something was up because he usually calls me bell or something like that.


“Anything nialler” I said trying not to sound nervous.


“I really really like you… I have since we were little tikes. I was always afraid someone as wonderful like you couldn’t like some as average as me.” He said with his eyes I bright blue color that looked so clear and perfect.


“Niall...I’m speechless niall” I said looking at my hands but then I did something I never thought I would do. I looked him straight in the eyes (which looked like he was going to cry) and grabbed his hand and said “But you know how long I’ve waited to hear those words to come out of your mouth.” And the biggest smile came to his smile while I said this. He was staring at me and I looked down again he knows my insecurities and why I'm this way.


“What did he do now bell, you know you can tell me?” He said lifting my head into my hands and I knew who he was referring to this person I was trying to keep off my mind at the moment


“It’s nothing, really it isn’t” I said holding in the tears


“Then why are you trying so hard not to cry?” he knew me too well.


“I'm sorry niall I just can’t” I said letting the tear slip down my cheek getting up to leave. He grabbed my wrist. And he pulled up my sleeves and their not only were the bruises but the cuts I tried so hard for him not to see. Then I just couldn’t hold in the tears they were streaming down my face. He let go of my wrist and just tried to look into my eyes but I wouldn’t let him.


“I'm sorry niall” I said running out of nando’s. I heard him call out my name asking for me too slow down but I kept going. I knew he was going to come looking for me so I hid in an alley down the street I went behind a dumpster and sat there and cried and cried and cried. I heard rustling around me. The sun was slowly going down and I realized I wasn’t alone. I quickly got up. Then I saw the figure of a tall lanky man coming toward me. I turned around to see if there was any other way I could get around but there wasn’t I was trapped and he knew it. Before I could think twice I screamed out asking for someone to help that’s when he ran up and said while cupping my mouth.


“Scream again and things will just be worse.” He said slowly letting go of my face. He whipped me around he started kissing my face. No this isn’t happening. I tried pushing him off of me but then he just slapped me across the face and unfortunately I was already I was just to this. I took the opportunity to run. And I did and I was screaming for someone to help me and I was screaming for niall. But before anyone came I heard the sound of the gun go off and I fell to the ground with a sharp pain in my upper thigh. I was shot, well that was something new. I looked back and the dude dropped the gun and ran leaving me there to die. I never thought that this was going to be the way I was going to die I didn’t want to die now. I just found out that niall liked me for me not the reasons other guys liked me. While all these thoughts were going through my head I didn’t notice the crowd of people around me. I only noticed when I saw Niall next to me he whispered something into my ear that was barely audible.


“Bella if you don’t make it I want you to know that I love you” and with that I passed out hoping that it wasn’t the end.

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