My Big Brother

When Mimi Malik was 6 years old, her dad and mum got divorced. Her mum decided that Mimi will come with her and move to California, USA. Mimi was torn when she heard this but not as much as Zayn, her older brother. 12 years later forgot about Zayn but Zayn hasn't forgotten about her. Zayn does every thing just to find her. Will they find each other?Will she remember? Will she get hurt? Will there be romance? To know the answers read to find out!


5. The talk with my mom

Mimi's POV.

After school, I went straight home and went to bed. Is there some thing I'm missing? Is there some thing I don't know? I sat on my bed thinking. I feel there is some thing I need to know. I went down stairs to the kitchen where I found my mom, eating some food. "Mom, something is bothering me." You start to say. "Come here and talk to me," Patricia, my mom said. "Well you know that time when I asked you about dad?" I asked her. "Yeah, I remember. If this is another thing about your dad then I told you he was your dad at birth!" she replied. "No its not that, well, you know this band, One Direction?" I asked again. "The one your too dedicated, then yeah." She replied. "Well every time I listen to them or hug my teddy bear, I get this flashback of two small children. One is like a 6 years old child who looks like me and the other one is like a 6 years old boy who looks like Zayn Malik in the band. Do you know the meaning of this?" I asked. She was speechless. "Why aren't you talking Mum?" I asked. "Huh, what?" she said like she didn't hear what I said. "The songs One Direction sings and my teddy bear, they make flashbacks about this two children who looks like me and Zayn playing and then I saw you and some guy who isn't father holding hands. Do you know what this means?" I asked again. "Maybe, you were just dreaming about how it would look like if you were children and you had a Zayn as your brother." She answered, but about the answer It felt like she was lying. "Mom, is there something I need to know?" I asked. "No nothing important! Don't worry about it!" She said, cheerfully. "Well another thing is that my friends and I are going to their concert w/ backstage passes, so can I have money to buy a camera? Please?" I asked. "Fine!" She said and handed me 20 bucks so I could buy the camera. "Thanks mom your the best!" I thanked her and went to my car.

Mimi's Mum's POV.

I don't want to know Mimi's brother is Zayn. I moved so would be away from her real dad. I don't want to lose you Mimi. And I will do what ever it takes to keep you with me!

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