My Big Brother

When Mimi Malik was 6 years old, her dad and mum got divorced. Her mum decided that Mimi will come with her and move to California, USA. Mimi was torn when she heard this but not as much as Zayn, her older brother. 12 years later forgot about Zayn but Zayn hasn't forgotten about her. Zayn does every thing just to find her. Will they find each other?Will she remember? Will she get hurt? Will there be romance? To know the answers read to find out!


7. The explaination

Mimi's POV.

I stood there, shocked as Zayn hugged me. How the heck does he know my name if I hadn't told them yet? "Um, how do you know my name even though I haven't told you yet?" I asked as soon he let go.

"Mimi, don't you remember me your little Zaynie?" He asked.

"I known you because your in a band, but not when I was a kid." I answered.

"What's going on?" My friends asked.

"I have no idea." I answered turning to them.

"No idea?! The Zayn Malik from One Direction freacking knows you and you have no idea! Now you have to explain missy." Mica said in a sassy way.

"Trust me guys, I don't even know how he knows my name!" I told the truth and yet they don't believe me. How the heck did he really know me?

Zayn's POV.

She don't remember the past.

"Mate, how the did you freaking know that fan there and don't freacking lie to me?!" Niall asked, a little bit of yelling.

"That girl's name is Mimi, dingdong! And she was my sister but she moved away when I was small." I answered.

"I said don't lie to me Zayn. Now how do you know her!" He asked again.

"I wasn't lying, you dumb shit!" I said.

"You guys calm down!" Liam said. I just ignore them and walked towards Mimi.

"Mimi, for any chance do you have a brown big teddy bear? Or a mom named Patricia?" I asked.

"Yes, wait how do you know that stuff about me?" She asked, still looking confused.

"Because I'm your big brother, well actually twin brother! And that teddy bear was mines, I gave it to you when you left with our mum, Patricia!" I answered immediately. 

"No. I think you got it all wrong. That teddy bear was my dad's present for me when I was a baby." sh said.

"Okay, why don't you call your mum and let me talk to her." I demanded.

"Fine!" she said as she pulled out her phone. She handed me the phone, Her mum answered after one ting. I put it on speaker, so everyone can hear.

"Hello? Sweetie are you alright?" She said with a panic sound.

"Ms. your daughter is fine. I just want to asked you something." I said in a kind voice.

"I'll do anything just please don't hurt my little girl."

"No, I'm not hurting your little girl. I was just wondering if you had a son named Zain Malik. The names spelled with and I instead of a Y?"

"Um.. (sigh) yes I did." She said softly, but not to soft.

"Mum, why did you lie to me? I kept asking if there's something I needed to know. This is something I need to know!" Mimi yelled to the phone.

"I'm going home. See you guys." she said and snatched the phone and started to walk away. I stood there not doing anything. I knew Mimi. When she gets angry, there's no way on stopping her.  I need to stop her from doing it. From cutting herself. She wanted to cut herself every time someone lied to her, so stuff to her. She always think she was a bad kid, so she wanted to die. She didn't like to be called like that. She once, she was about to do it when people started picking on her for being fat which is not true. I really need to stop her!


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