My Big Brother

When Mimi Malik was 6 years old, her dad and mum got divorced. Her mum decided that Mimi will come with her and move to California, USA. Mimi was torn when she heard this but not as much as Zayn, her older brother. 12 years later forgot about Zayn but Zayn hasn't forgotten about her. Zayn does every thing just to find her. Will they find each other?Will she remember? Will she get hurt? Will there be romance? To know the answers read to find out!


4. My Friends

At school

Mimi's POV.

Oh man, another day at school. Dude, the only reasons I like school is because my friends can see each other even though we go to each others houses, but still. I already told you my friends. They are super crazy about One Direction, like me. "Hey Mimi over here!" I heard some one yelled behind me. I saw Mica, Angela, and Esmeralda. I wave at them. "So What classes do you have today?" Mica asked as soon she caught up. " Um...... I guess Lang. Arts, then Math, Social Studies, then P.E., and lastly Home Ec." I answered as I opened my locker. "YOUR SO LUCKY YOU HAVE P.E.!!!!!" Mica yelled and jumped on top of me. "Get of!" I yelled and Mica got of. We all started laughing. We all stopped when we heard the bell rang. "Well, see you guys at break." I said and we all walking our ways. It was the best Lang. Arts and Math class ever! At Lang. arts we just made our own stories that we were presenting on the day before the break, the Winter Break, yay! Well, at math class, we just played some games because the substitute was there. Well we had a break after and this is what happened. I went to my locker and grabbed my social studies book, clothes for P.E., and other stuff I need for the other class and I put my Land. Arts and Math in there. Well, when I was doing that I heard some one yelled out, "MIMIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" I turned around and saw Mica running towards me and the rest walking. "MICAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" I yelled just like her. We all laughed when we got together.  "SO DID YOU KNOW?!" Mica said feeling excited. "What?" I asked her. "Liam and Danielle broke up and Harry is dating Taylor!" Mica let it out in one breath. "Whoa, breath Mica, breath. So what you said is that the second most cutest couple broke up! What?!" I said panicking. "That's what I said! I mean like they were the cutest couple ever! They were like the most awesome couple ever!" Mica said all most yelling. "And you said that Harry and Taylor are dating, that is the most awesome thing ever!" I screamed, not to loud for other people to hear me. "I know right!" Mica said jumping up and down. Okay let me desribe people for you. Mica loves Niall and Louis the most, but she is our stalker. Angela loves Niall the most, but she is our drawer. Esmeralda loves Harry the most, but she is the one who buys us the albums and stuff from them. And I love Zayn and I am the one who is making and year book of one direction. "So Angela do you have new drawings of One Direction?" I asked her. "I'm working with it and It will be done the day after tomorrow." Angela replied. I nodded and turned to Esmeralda. "Did you get any new stuff?" I asked her. "I couldn't find any thing but I am working hard looking for it." Esmeralda replied. We were like a group who are dedicated to One Direction. "Though, I bought a ticket and backstage passes on their concert here." Esmeralda said again. "Oh yeah I read that this was the last place they will have a concert to end the tour. They said they were staying here really long." Mica said. "Good job guys now when is this concert and where is it?" I asked Mica. "It will be on Saturday, 6:00 pm at the Mall Theater!" Mica answered. I nodded and we started dancing cause we knew it was going to be the best day ever. The bell rang after that. We hurried to class. I guess the concert is when I willstop this struggling problem becuase Zayn will answer it. Will he?

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