My Big Brother

When Mimi Malik was 6 years old, her dad and mum got divorced. Her mum decided that Mimi will come with her and move to California, USA. Mimi was torn when she heard this but not as much as Zayn, her older brother. 12 years later forgot about Zayn but Zayn hasn't forgotten about her. Zayn does every thing just to find her. Will they find each other?Will she remember? Will she get hurt? Will there be romance? To know the answers read to find out!


3. Introducing Mimi's life 12 years after she left Bradford.

Mimi's POV.

Every day, I struggle on some thing I can't remember. It had to do with my childhood. Well any way I and Mimi Tumpap. My mom Patricia Tumpap. I know that my dad is with me now but it feels like he isn't my real dad. That's what I'm struggling on. I feel like my family now isn't my real family but my Mom. I kept asking my mom about my past but she keeps telling my that my dad now had always been my dad ever since I was born. Well anyways, I have a little brother name Mark Tumpap. I am a muslim. I am a huge directioner. I mostly love Zayn Malik. Something crazy is that every time I watch or hear One Direction sing it gives me an images something I have no clue on what it is. The images where there was a small boy who looks like Zayn when he was 6 and a girl who looks like me when I was 6. It happens with my favorite teddy bear. Okay enough with that. I have 3 friends who is all so a Directioners. Their names are Mica, Angela, Esmeralda. Mica loves Niall and Louis the most. Angela loves Niall the most. And Esmeralda loves Harry the Most. My brother hates One Direction so he tease things about them. I always hit him if he does. Well that's my life right their. A normal life, normal family, normal friends, normal girl.

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