My Big Brother

When Mimi Malik was 6 years old, her dad and mum got divorced. Her mum decided that Mimi will come with her and move to California, USA. Mimi was torn when she heard this but not as much as Zayn, her older brother. 12 years later forgot about Zayn but Zayn hasn't forgotten about her. Zayn does every thing just to find her. Will they find each other?Will she remember? Will she get hurt? Will there be romance? To know the answers read to find out!


15. 2nd day

Angela's Pov.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! I'm going to spend my time with Niall as my own boyfriend! Wait, but that means I only have 4 week to be with him then my heart will be broken. Will I regret saying yes? Well, I think it's too late for that. It's either me getting hurt or Niall getting hurt. I sure would just pick me getting hurt 'cause I can't hurt the person I love!!!! Well, we'll figure it out at the end.

Right now, me and Niall are in the mall, shopping and eating. Yup, both of us are hungry ever 2 mins. We're FAT like pig and I don't care!!!!!


We entered Sanrio where Hello Kitty things are being sold. I told him to come here so we did. I looked around the store. I was in excitement!!!!!!


"I reckon you love Hello Kitty." Niall laughed. I blushed a little and came by his side, hugging him.

"But not as much as I love you, babe!!!" I said. I looked at him and saw him blushing. I laughed and let him go to shop. I bought almost the shop because every time I said I love an item he just grab it and buys it. I have like 1 big bag of hello kitty.Could this day get any more better???!!!!






A/n: I know what you guys are thinking. This is a really bad chapter. It's okay I understand. It's okay if you remove this as a favorite!!!!


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