Don't Tell Me A Lie

A 18 year old girl named MaKayla Park learns the truth about her Mom's death after one slip of a video makes its way around the internet, making MaKayla, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, Harry, and Niall a target for anything and everything.


7. The note

As we stepped foot into the hotel everyone was wondering where we went.

"Where did you guys go!" Liam wondered

"You had the carrots scared out of me!" Louis announced

"I thought you two were in the shower together." Harry said smirking

"Ya the water in y'alls bathroom is running." Niall agreed

"Wait what?" Zayn and I said in unison.

"The water in you guys' bathroom is running." Louis said slowly making  sure we understood him.

"We know what you said!" Zayn vented

Louis looked confused.

"So what has been going on? You two both look like you have been crying."

Zayn explained to them what was happening. Right when he finished we all heard a bump coming from our room.

"What was that?" Niall screeched.

We all slowly crept towards our room. When we all busted in we saw that the window was open and the bathroom water was still running.

"See I told you." Harry said.

We all went to check it out. Louis and Niall investigated the closet while, Liam and Harry checked the bathroom, and me and Zayn checked the deck.

"Guys, there's a note!" Liam announced. We all ran to the bathroom and saw a little note in his hands.

I knew you would tell your pity party of friends, but don't tell anyone else, or you know what's going to happen.

"Where'd you get this?" Zayn asked.

"In the sink in the bathroom." Liam answered.

Zayn ran past him and went to go look.

"He was in here! I'm going to call the police!" Zayn huffed.

"No, don't. He said to not tell anyone else and if we do he might do something even worse." Liam screeched.

"Mate, he's right. What if he is watching all of us all day and night?" Niall wondered.

Your little Irish friend is smart. Maybe I should check his little flat out? My phone buzzed.

"He texted me again! He is talking about Niall!" I yelled.

I read the text outloud and right when I did all the boys checked every little speck in the hotel suite. What was going to happen next? He knew everything and saw everything.

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