Don't Tell Me A Lie

A 18 year old girl named MaKayla Park learns the truth about her Mom's death after one slip of a video makes its way around the internet, making MaKayla, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, Harry, and Niall a target for anything and everything.


15. The Box

We headed to the address saved into our phone 2112 Gally Way dr. MaKayla knocked on the door and did exactly what was instructed to us. The door was never opened, we couldn't see who was giving us the box we just grabbed the box and ran down the street to a corner.

We all gathered around as Louis opened the box. What was seen on the inside had to stay a secret to everyone and anyone. We looked at the clue and just thought about then realized that we needed to go to the old abandoned wear house near the cemetery.

*Buzz Buzz

Now that you know where to go make sure you don't be late nor go to the wrong place cause I might just hurt your mommies. Oh and to MaKayla. To bad you had to figure out your mummy wasn't dead this way.

When Harry read that text out loud MaKayla broke down. I went up to her and tried to help her calm down a little. The time period we had on the bomb in the box was only five hours and we had to make it work.

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