Don't Tell Me A Lie

A 18 year old girl named MaKayla Park learns the truth about her Mom's death after one slip of a video makes its way around the internet, making MaKayla, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Eleanor, Harry, and Niall a target for anything and everything.


8. Nightmare

When everything calmed down we all settled down and decided to all watch a movie and go to bed. When me and Zayn went to bed, we didn't sleep apart we were wrapped together the whole night like holding on for dear life. We didn't want to be apart from each other and if we were, we wanted to be with Liam, Niall, Louis, or Harry.

As I started to get still, I fell asleep.

"Stop! Don't do it! Don't kill her! I love her! She's the only family in my life, please don't." I finally said.

"She disobeyed me, and now I will disobey her." I couldn't see his face, but I could tell that I have met him before because of his voice, but I coudn't tell who it was.

"Don't! Stop!" I yelled louder and louder. He stuck the gun to her head.

"When you don't do what you're told to you get punished. And with punishment it can range, from light to harsh. This time it's harsh." he spoke.

"STOP!" I shot up in my bed. I couldn't breath, or speek.

"Babe! Are you okay?" Zayn asked worrying.

"What happened? Is he here?" all the boys came in running into me and Zayn's room. They all had some kind of weapon. Niall had a knife. Liam had a baseball bat. Louis had his fist clinched. And Harry was holding what looked like a beating stick.

*Buzz Buzz

We all jumped. I took a second to look at the text, but when I did it said...

Tisk, tisk. That dream must have been a beating. Haha! But remember, only you six would understand. Don't go running off and telling anyone, your mom still needs to be saved, Sweety.

I read it out loud. No one could breath. We all decided to sleep in me and Zayn's room tonight. Louis slept next to me. Niall slept next to Zayn, Harry snuggled up next to him, and Liam right next to Louis. I felt safe, but not safe enough.


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